WE DID IT: Mr. Handyman, Molly Maid and Mr. Electric Broke a Guinness World Record™!

Every year, all Neighborly brands come together for a huge convention called REUNION. This year, almost 3,000 of us met in San Antonio to network, have some fun, and learn how to grow our businesses. Our theme for the Reunion this year was “Breaking Boundaries,” so we thought we’d celebrate with a WORLD RECORD BREAKING EVENT.

We’re excited to share that on August 3rd, 369 of us broke the world record for MOST PEOPLE HAMMERING A NAIL SIMULTANEOUSLY!

Click below to watch a video from the event

The previous record holder is none other than Mike Holmes… yes, THE Mike Holmes from the hit HGTV show Holmes on Homes. In 2017, he and his team, plus a group of Skills Ontario Competition competitors and volunteers held an event where they successfully hammered 299 nails simultaneously. Pretty impressive! But sorry Mike, we broke that record. How? By getting Neighborly!

Our fellow Neighborly sister brands, Molly Maid and Mr. Electric stepped up to show their support and helped the Mr. Handyman team beat Mike’s record. Breaking the world record for most people hammering a nail simultaneously was fun and epic… but not without purpose. The reason our team at Mr. Handyman attempted this record in particular, was that we were hoping to bring awareness to the shortage of skilled tradesmen in the US.

Did you know, that by 2028, there will be 3 million job openings in the skilled trades – but we don’t have enough skilled trades workers to fill those roles? We need more carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, HVAC technicians, and yes, handymen… but these skills are being pursued at a lower rate than ever before.

If you’ve ever thought about learning a new skill, changing your career path, or simply want to learn more… visit Generation T’s website to get connected to resources and opportunities today.