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How to Make Sure a Room Is Square

Are you wondering how to make sure a room is square? Knowing how to find the square of a room can save you countless headaches down the road when it’s time to install cabinets, flooring and other features in your home.

While you may think you can eyeball a room to determine if it’s right, it’s best to learn how to check for square.

Keep reading for a few different methods to make sure a room is square, so you can minimize hassles and set your home projects up for success.

How to Find the Square of a Room

Method #1: The 5-4-3 Method (also known as Pythagorean theorem)

With this formula, you can determine if your corners are at 90° angles (square):

  • Use a tape measure to measure 3 feet from one corner and make a mark on the floor.
  • Take the tape measure again, but this time measure 4 feet from the adjacent wall on the same corner and make a mark.
  • Find the difference between the two marks on the floor. If you get 5 feet, you have a perfect 90° angle and a square room!

Method #2: Measure the Diagonal

With this formula, you measure the diagonals that exist from all four corners of the room:

  • Use a tape measure to measure the distance from one corner to the corner in the diagonal and write down the measurement.
  • Take the tape measure to repeat the process for the remaining two corners and write down the measurement.
  • If the measurements match, you have a perfect square.

How to Make Sure a Room Is Square for Tile or Wood Floor Installation

If you plan to install tile or wood flooring, the following method will enable you to identify the middle point of the room if it were actually a perfect square. This is an important method to use if you want to have tile or wood flooring that lies correctly in a space.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Using a tape measure, locate the center point on each of the four walls and write down the measurements.
  • Divide the length of each wall in half and make a mark for this spot on each wall.
  • Connect the marks on the opposite walls using a chalk line on the floor.
  • Make another chalk line from the adjacent wall across to the opposite wall, drawing a cross that meets at the room’s center.
  • From there, you can begin to lay tile or wood floor using the cross in the center as your starting point.

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