Enter to Win: Duct Tape Fails Contest

Duct Tape Fails Photo Contest.
We’re sorry to burst your bubble… but duct tape can’t actually fix everything. Sure, it’ll help in a bind if you need to patch a hole in your vacuum hose or tent, but it’s never a permanent solution for home improvement. Have you ever attempted to fix something around the house using duct tape, and it was just a total failure? We’d love to see these hilarious DIY mistakes - and we’re offering a chance to win one of FOUR $250 e-gift cards to The Home Depot so you can get the job done right!

Mr. Handyman, a Neighborly company, is launching our “Duct Tape Fails” photo contest on Facebook. All you have to do is visit the Mr. Handyman Facebook contest during the month of September and submit your photo of a duct tape fail for a chance to win! Click here to view the contest and enter. Here are some of our favorite examples of #DuctTapeFails

Examples of duct tape fails

So you may be asking, “Well if I can’t use duct tape for home repairs… what is it good for?” A few of our favorite uses for duct tape are:

  • Like we said, temporarily patching up a hole in your vacuum hose or tent! Duct tape is fairly water-resistant and makes for a great patch until you can have holes in various items professionally fixed/restored.
  • DIY lint/pet hair roller! We all know how incredibly sticky duct tape is, and it makes for a great “refill” on your lint rollers when you run out of the tape it comes with. Upcycle your empty lint roller and wrap a piece of duct tape (sticky side out) around it, and voila! Super-charged lint roller.
  • Remove splinters. Ouch! If you can’t find tweezers, it’s been said that ultra-sticky duct tape is a great alternative. Simply apply a small piece over the affected area, and slowly peel it back from your skin to remove the splinter.
  • Pick up the glass! After you break a dish, sometimes there are still tiny shards of glass left behind after you sweep and vacuum the area. Apply a few strips of duct tape to the floor and carefully peel it away, bringing those little shards with it.
  • Reinforce your crafts. Duct tape is incredibly sturdy and durable, so if you’re building a craft or your kid’s science project, or building a fort out of boxes… duct tape makes a great addition as a means of ensuring it all stays together! Heck, you can get creative and build items entirely out of duct tape. That’s a fun challenge for your kids!
  • Fly paper! If you’re dealing with pesky house flies and gnats, hanging a strip of duct tape or two over your kitchen sink may help you catch a few.

What are some unique ways you’ve used duct tape? If you fall into the #DuctTapeFails category and you think it may be time to call Mr. Handyman, find your local professional today by visiting our locations page here:https://www.mrhandyman.com/local-handyman-service/

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