How to Build a Handy Candy Crane

Halloween this year will look a little different, and that's ok! If you're concerned about how to safely hand out candy to trick-or-treaters... we've got the answer! You have probably been seeing a lot of unique and creative contraptions online that can help keep Halloween at a safe distance, so here's our take on the trend.

Introducing: the Handy Candy Crane. This is a crane that pivots to and away from you so you can safely deposit candy into a cauldron and deliver it to trick-or-treaters while remaining at least six feet apart. While this project is made of materials that are affordable and easily accessible, we'd give it a difficulty rating of 7.5. This is not for beginners. Read on for our instructions!



(3) 2’x4’x8’ Wood Boards

(2) 1’x2’x8’ Furring Strips

(1) 3/4" 4’x2’ Plywood

(1) 1-1/4” X 48” Wood Dowel

(4) ¼”x 3-1/2” Hex Bolt, Flat Washer and Nut

(1) Box 2-1/2” #8 Wood Screws

(2) Screw Eye Hooks

(1) Screw Hook

(1) 12’-14’ Length of Rope


Circular Saw

Power Drill

1-1/4” Metal Hole Saw Attachment

1/4” Drill Bit

(2) Clamps

Build the Table Base

  • Cut the 2’x4’s into (2) 48”, (2) 15” and (4) 24” pieces.
  • Cut the plywood into 1’x4’ and 12”x15” pieces.
  • Using the hole saw, cut one 1-1/4” hole into the center of each plywood piece.
  • You are now ready to assemble the table base.
  • Attach the 24” legs to the 1’x4’ plywood with wood screws. Should look like a table.
  • Attach the two 48” and two 15” pieces to the legs. Should look like the table legs are standing inside a rectangle.
  • Attach the 12”x15” plywood piece onto the floor base so that the holes line up. Use dowel to make sure it is perpendicular.

Build the Crane

  • Cut the 1’x2’ furring strips into (2) 66”, (2) 27” and (2) 3” pieces.
  • Take the 66” pieces and put a mark at 42” on both. Mark the dowel at 6”. Line up the marks then clamp both 66” strips to the dowel. Drill a small hole through all three pieces. Secure with a hex bolt, washer and nut but don’t tighten.
  • Take the two 3” strips and place between the two 66” strips on the long end. Clamp and drill a ¼” hole 1.5” from the end through all 4 strips.
  • Mark the dowel 21” from the top. Take the two 27” strips butted together (cross bar) and put on the outside of the dowel and the other end on the inside of the 66” strips. Clamp the two 27” strips to the dowel and drill a ¼” hole through all three pieces and secure with a hex bolt, washer and nut.
  • Drill a ¼” hole approximately 3” from the end of the 66” strips through the center of all four strips and secure with a hex bolt, washer and nut.

Assemble the Handy Candy Crane

  • Insert the dowel through the tabletop and floor base holes until it touches the floor. Ensure that the crane can turn inside the tabletop.
  • Screw in an eye hook at the ends of each top bar. One on each side. Tie each end of the rope to the eye hooks.
  • Screw in a hook onto the bottom of the top bar and hang your candy bucket.
  • One end of the rope should pull the candy bucket toward you to refill and the other end should send the candy bucket back toward the trick-or-treater.
  • Decorate your Handy Candy Crane!