How Much Does Window Replacement Cost?

While replacing your home’s windows is a significant investment, new windows will improve the look of your home and its energy efficiency. However, since no two homes are the same when it comes to replacing windows, we’ll review the different factors that could impact the cost of window replacement. In this article, we’ll explain what goes into a quote on window replacement, so you can determine what it might cost to replace your windows.

Factors That Impact Window Replacement Costs

Like any home improvement or renovation project, many different things can affect the overall cost of your window replacement. Some of the most common factors include:

  • Window type/style
  • What material the window are made of
  • Size of the window(s)
  • Energy efficiency features
  • Complexity of installation
  • Labor costs
  • Permits required
  • Removal and disposal of old windows

These are just some factors that will influence your quote for window replacement. Let’s review each of these factors in a little more detail.

Different Types of Window Materials and Their Costs

There are many different types of window materials. And depending on the material you choose, the costs can vary significantly. Here are some examples of what different types of window material cost. Keep in mind this is just the average cost of the window without installation:

  • Vinyl: Between $150-800 per window
  • Wood: Between $300-1,200 per window
  • Aluminum: Between $200-$1,200 per window
  • Fiberglass: Between $300-1,500 per window
  • Composite: Between $300-1,500 per window
  • Wood-Clad: Between $400-1,800 per window
  • Aluminum-Clad: Between $400-1,800 per window

The type of material you choose for your windows may be influenced by the climate where you live, the look you’re seeking, and the level of energy efficiency you want, among other considerations.

Window Styles and Their Price Variations

In addition to the type of material, windows also come in a variety of different styles, which offer different functionality. The style you choose may be based on the location of the window and how it will be used. Some window styles to consider include:

  • Single-hung: These windows only open vertically on the bottom. The top window pane is fixed. They range from $150 to $400 per window.
  • Double-hung: These windows can be opened from the top and bottom, ranging from $300 to $800 per window.
  • Casement: Casement windows open outward, similar to a door. These windows cost between $300 and $1,000 per window.
  • Sliding: When these windows open, one sash slides over the other horizontally. They cost between $200-800 per window.
  • Picture: These large windows provide a panoramic view and are more expensive, ranging between $300 to $1,200 per window.
  • Awning: Opening outward at the bottom, these windows cost between $350 and $900 per window.
  • Bay and bow: These windows project outward from the wall and cost between $1,000 to $3,500 per window.
  • Garden: Garden windows are similar to bay windows but are slightly smaller. They range between $800 and $2,500 per window.
  • Skylight: Skylights are installed on the roof and often cost between $300 and $2,000, depending on the size and complexity of the installation.
  • Custom: Windows that need to be custom-made to fit a specific size or style have a drastic price range.

Calculating Costs Based on Window Size and Quantity

Another determining factor related to window costs is the size and number of windows you are replacing. Larger windows will take longer to remove and install, which will increase the labor costs. In addition, the number of windows being replaced will also factor into the overall costs of labor. Contact a local window installer to help you get a more accurate estimate, considering labor costs can vary by location.

Additional Costs to Consider During Window Replacement

Labor Costs and Hiring Professionals

Whether you’re curious about vinyl window replacement costs or sliding window replacement costs, professional installation will be a part of that cost. Replacing windows is a tough job, especially if you want to replace multiple windows in your home. Removing old windows and installing new ones properly requires the right tools and a certain level of expertise. For this reason, DIY window replacement is not recommended.

Window replacement also exposes the interior of your home to the outside world. For this reason, it’s best to complete window replacement in one day. An experienced window installer, with the right tools is well equipped to handle any issues and will ensure your windows are installed correctly. Proper window installation is the key to avoiding such issues as moisture entering your home, which will save you from a lot of headaches later on.

How to Save Money on Window Replacement

If you’re not sold on installing new windows, one way to save money on your window replacement project is to find your local handyman and see if any part of your existing windows can be saved. Sometimes, resealing the frame or replacing the glass can help you avoid replacing the entire window, which will cut down your costs.

You can also opt for standard-sized windows when possible or do your window replacement in stages, prioritizing the ones that need to be replaced the most. Don’t forget to look into tax credits or rebates that provide homeowners with incentives to improve their home’s energy efficiency.

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Replacing the windows in your home is a big investment. But, new windows can improve the curb appeal of your home and improve its energy efficiency. Hopefully this window replacement guide gives you a better idea of the factors that impact window replacement costs, and what it might cost you to replace your windows. Regardless of which option you choose, make sure your windows are replaced by a professional with the right tools to get the job done right. The experienced pros at your local Mr. Handyman know all about getting the job done right. This is why all of our projects are backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise™, which guarantees your satisfaction. To learn more or to get started, reach out and request a quote for window replacement today!