10 Tips for Getting Your Front Entrance Holiday-Ready

Are you ready to deck the halls for the holidays? Well, if you’ve already got the halls covered, we’ll review how to decorate the door for Christmas. We have some fun ways to dress up your front entrance for the holidays that will make all of your guests feel jolly and welcome. So, let’s jump right into our 10 tips for preparing your front entrance for the holidays.

1. Clean and Repair Your Front Door

One of the best parts about the holiday season are the visits from guests, family, and friends. To make sure they feel welcomed, start with a clean and decorative front door. However, before you start decorating the front door, check your front entrance for any damage and needed repairs.

Does the paint need to be touched up? Is the wood, stucco, or brick in need of repair or cleaning? Are there any cracks or holes that need to be repaired? Taking care of any cleaning and necessary repairs before hanging up any festive decorations, will make cleaning and repairs a lot easier.

2. Plan Your Decorations

Decorations usually look better when there’s a clear theme behind them. Before you start hanging your Christmas doorway decorations, have a specific theme in mind. 

Whether you decide on a traditional look or prefer something more modern, gathering the elements of your theme ahead of time will make pulling it all together easier. Whatever you decide, keep this theme in mind as you decide how to decorate the front of your house for Christmas.

Once you have the theme figured out, pick the colors and types of decorations you want to use while decorating the front door and other areas of your home. Layout the different elements of your theme to get an idea of how it’s going to look. Move things around and experiment with mixing and matching different elements to achieve the exact look you want. Once you’ve got that nailed down, it’s time to start decorating!

3. Illuminate Your Entrance with Lights

Holiday lights add a touch of elegance to just about any display. Take advantage of their beauty by incorporating them into your theme as you decorate the front of the house for Christmas.

Since holiday lights are available in a variety of different colors and styles, you have plenty of choices to choose from. Some options include string lights, solar lights, and icicle lights. You can also choose between all-white lights, colored lights, or a mixture of the two. Experiment with mixing and matching different colors and styles until you find the combination that you’re happy with.

 Whenever you’re installing light in higher places, such as the second floor of your home or on the roof, always have someone with you for safety purposes. If you;re not comfortable installing them yourself, you can always find help locally to get the job done

4. Decorate Your Front Door

A handmade wreath of ribbons or fresh pine creates a fun holiday feel and presents a warm and welcoming entrance into your home for guests, friends, and family.  Try to tie your Christmas doorway decorations into the theme you’ve chosen for the rest of your holiday decorations.

5. Add a Personal Touch

Something else to consider when determining how to decorate for the holidays is how to make it uniquely yours. Adding personal touches such as handmade crafts, old family photos, family heirlooms, or inside jokes to your decorations is a great way to show your personality and make your family and friends smile.

6. Get Creative with Your Wreath

Wreaths are popular for decorating the front door because they’re so versatile! You can use a variety of holiday ribbons, fresh pine and pine cones, or holiday trinkets to create a personalized wreath for your front door. If you aren’t the DIY type, check out local craft fairs to find a crafter who can make you the exact holiday wreath you have in mind. Since wreaths come in many sizes, be sure to measure your door first so you get a wreath that fits your front entrance.

7. Don’t Forget the Mailbox

Decorating the front of the house for Christmas doesn’t have to stop at the front door! Bring the holiday spirit all the way down to the mailbox with the help of garland, lights, a mailbox-sized wreath, or even just a festive bow. You can also find holiday-themed covers for your mailbox. Not only will these things tie your whole outdoor display together, it will also spread some holiday cheer to your mail carrier as they deliver all of that exciting holiday mail!

8. Add a Festive Welcome Mat

Your front entranceway is more than your actual front door! Don’t forget to grab a festive welcome mat while you’re shopping for your new wreath!

Not only will a mat spread the holiday spirit, but it also comes in handy when there is snow on the ground. Give your visitors somewhere to clean the snow and ice from their boots and shoes before they come into your home.

9. Expand Beyond the Doorway

The bigger the holiday display, the better! Stretch those Christmas doorway decorations beyond your front step while also decorating the yard, the garage door, the side door, and the backdoor. Remember, consistency is key, so keep the same theme, color palette, and design throughout all of your outside holiday decorations.

10. Keep Safety in Mind

Decorating for the holidays is fun, and it makes your home look beautiful, but don’t disregard everything you know about safety!

When setting up your decorations, be sure to secure them so they don’t blow away easily or fly off during the night (leave that to Santa and his reindeer). Since you’ll likely be using electricity to light your display and inflatables, make sure that all electrical cords are safe and properly secured to avoid a fire and trip hazard. The last thing you need is one of Santa’s reindeer tripping over your extension cord! And finally, always take safety precautions when using ladders and when working on or around your roof. Thousands of homeowners are injured each year in holiday-related accidents. 

Make Your Front Entrance Shine This Holiday Season

Decorating your front door for the season is the perfect way to show off your style and incorporate some of your holiday traditions. If you dream of a beautiful light display or a stylish holiday decoration display but don’t have the time in your schedule, let our handyman services do the heavy lifting for you!

Your local Mr. Handyman® is happy and ready to help you complete all the things on your holiday to-do list. All of our projects are backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise™, which ensures your satisfaction.  Let us take the stress out of completing your holiday to-do list. Request service today!