What’s Clogging My Dryer Vent?

Has your dryer not been doing its job to the fullest lately? Are you wondering what’s causing your dryer to function less than optimally? When was the last time you cleaned out your dryer vent?

Sure, it could be all that lint build-up from your clothing over time. But, it could also be a bird’s nest. Birds flock to dryer vents for nesting, because it’s warm, and dry.

Dryer vents are also typically placed high enough that birds feel safe from critters on the ground. In fact, to a bird, your dryer vent is seemingly the perfect place for them to build their nests.

Don’t Ignore a Clogged Vent

Clogged dryer vents are common, but also not something to be ignored. Regardless of what is clogging your dryer vent, you’ll definitely want to look into the issue and get it resolved as soon as possible. A clogged dryer vent prevents proper ventilation, and could cause a sudden fire, or even carbon monoxide poisoning in some cases.

Signs There Are Birds Nesting in Your Vent

Some signs there may be something clogging your dryer vent - including birds nesting - include:

1.It’s taking longer than normal to dry your clothing.

If you notice your dryer is taking a little longer to dry your clothes, it’s possible that your vent is clogged, which could be for a variety of reasons - including birds nesting in your vent. A clogged vent is cause for concern, so be sure to check your dryer vent and take steps to get it cleaned out.

2. There are small branches, hay, and other debris hanging out of your vent.

Chances are, if there are small twigs and other common nesting materials sticking out of your dryer vent, there’s likely to be a nest inside. Sure, birds can be cute, especially baby ones, but you don’t want them living in your dryer vent, for a number of reasons.

Many birds carry small bugs in their feathers, called bird mites. While they don’t survive on humans very long, they’re not very pleasant to have around. You’ll want to remove the birds, and the nest from your vent to prevent these mites from getting near your clothing or your skin.

3. There are bird droppings on or around your dryer vent.

If you find bird droppings near, or in your dryer vent, there could be birds nesting in your dryer vent. This is often the first indication that birds may be nesting in your vent. Not only do bird droppings smell bad, but they can also stain your siding. Also, if inhaled, bird droppings can cause a serious form of lung disease. Your best bet is to get the birds out of there as soon, and as safely, as possible.

Removing a Bird’s Nest from Your Dryer Vent

Not sure how to clean out your vent, or how to get nesting birds out? If the birds are at the very beginning of the nesting cycle, it could be as simple as removing the nesting materials from the vent. This way, they will have to move their nesting site elsewhere. Then be sure to put a vent cover on as soon as possible!

If they have laid eggs already, then it will be a bit more complicated, and your best bet is to call a pest company or wildlife removal company to assist with safely and humanely removing the birds and the nest.

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