Handy Storage Solutions for Spring Cleaning

Being cooped up in the house most days means many of us might be paying more attention to the clutter and piles of stuff around the house that we have been meaning to take care of. Under “normal” circumstances, we might ignore the fact that the bikes and toys in the garage are all over the place. Or, we might look under the sink to see that the cleaning supplies are poorly organized, but think, “I’ll deal with that later/tomorrow.”


Spending so much time inside our homes is likely causing some of us a bit of frustration with seeing the same piles of clutter just begging to be organized and properly stored. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the little messes building up around your home, it may be time for a serious spring cleaning.


Storage Solutions By Room

Not sure where to put everything or how to best organize it all? Here are some of our favorite creative and effective ways to store everything from kitchenware and cleaning supplies to toys, tools, school supplies, and more.

Cooking utensils and cookie jars on a table

For the Kitchen

For those who spend any amount of time in the kitchen, there never seems to be quite enough space to store all the things we use to cook, eat, and clean the space, right? Especially if you have a smaller space to begin with. This article provides a list of creative and resourceful options for adding convenient storage to your kitchen area. From storing non-perishable food items, to organizing kitchenware, condiments, and spices, this list has a solution for pretty much everything you might find in your kitchen.

Small Apartment Kitchen Storage Ideas


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For the Toys

Stepping on sharp toys left and right is enough to make any parent go a little crazy. Luckily, there are a ton of ways to create storage containers from things you may already have lying around the house. Or if not, you can at least keep it on the cheap. All you need is some plain looking (or even ugly) boxes, some colorful duct tape and paper, scissors, glue, and any other arts and crafts materials you may have taking up space on your shelves. This article goes into much more detail about how to create cute storage boxes for all those toys that need to find a home, STAT.


For the Garden

With the weather warming up (for the most part), many of us New Englander can’t wait to get outside and start our gardens so we can grow a few things during our short spring and summer seasons. Do you have plants and flowers that you’re just not sure where to put? Check out this article about how to make an adorable ladder shelf for all your misfit plants this year.

Plier on the cement floor.

For the Garage

Are you sick of misplacing your cordless drills and batteries in the garage? Or, maybe you know where they all are, but they’re scattered throughout the garage and you’re constantly tripping over them? What if they were all in one place, neatly organized and out of the way? This article shows some really great DIY cordless drill storage ideas that can be great inspiration if you’re looking for something to keep you busy at home this weekend. The best part is, most of these stations were built with things that were already lying around the house, not being used, so you can make use of stuff that’s taking up space, and organize your tools at the same time!


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For the Home Office

A lot of people have been spending more time in their home offices lately. It’s easy for folders, books, and other knick-knacks to quickly clutter up your desk and office area. Do you need help organizing all the things in your office area so you can be more productive? This article offers so many great ideas about how to organize all the random things you keep on your desk by repurposing old things that you might otherwise throw away. Check out these ideas for some great DIY inspiration, and you’ll be on your way to having the coolest home office in the neighborhood.


Need More Than Just Inspiration?

We hope you find these DIY storage solutions to be helpful and economical. But if you have any projects that aren’t quite as simple as these, My Handyman of Dover, Portsmouth, and Rochester is here to help. We can help you create the perfect storage solutions for any room in your home. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your small projects that aren’t so DIY-friendly.