Our Commitment to Keeping Our Customers and Employees Safe

Now, more than ever, it is so important to be considerate of our surroundings and to follow best practices when it comes to keeping our hands and the surfaces we come in contact with as clean as possible. The staff at My Handyman of Dover genuinely understands and respects the importance of holding ourselves to the highest standards in this regard.

We are committed to keeping ourselves and the tools and equipment we use regularly clean, as well as maintaining safe distances when possible, wearing face coverings when necessary, and closely monitoring our health to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In order to adhere to these high standards and consistently help our customers to feel safe, we have put the following systems and protocols in place.

1.Set up mobile handwashing stations when possible.

Our field staff is trained not to use our customers’ bathrooms/sinks for handwashing, but to set up mobile handwashing stations when possible. If this isn’t possible due to time constraints or space issues, they are told to use hand sanitizer frequently, if they are not wearing gloves.

2.Keep appropriate COVID-19 inventory on hand.

For our staff in the field, we encourage them to keep, at minimum, the following list of inventory on hand to maintain cleanliness at all times:

  • Disinfectant Wipes.

When in the field, staff will come in contact with a variety of surfaces on any given day. To minimize the spread of germs while traveling from one location to another, we like our field employees to keep disinfectant wipes on hand for use on steering wheels, doorknobs, devices, light switches, desks, countertops, phones, keyboards, workstations, tools, etc.

  • Trash Bags.

To ensure we aren’t leaving any trash behind on our job sites, our staff brings trash bags along so we can take it with us when we’re done.

  • Hand Sanitizer.

Sometimes hand washing isn’t possible depending on where our team is doing work, so they keep plenty of hand sanitizer with them for these specific instances.

  • Paper Towels.

Paper towels are great for use in any type of cleanup, but also work well when mobile handwashing stations are required.

  • Hand Soap.

Our field technicians always have hand soap with them for when mobile handwashing stations are necessary and feasible.

  • Shoe Covers.

We keep shoe covers in stock for our staff to use (one-time only) when entering customers’ homes, and to take with them to dispose of when they leave.

  • Gloves.

Our staff always follows CDC guidelines for proper glove removal, and always take them with them when they leave a home.

  • Masks.

Our staff uses appropriate face coverings according to and follows instructions for use, removal, and disposal per the Surgeon General and/or CDC guidelines.

3.Sanitize the office and shared equipment regularly.

To ensure our office and field staff are as safe as possible, we ensure the office is cleaned regularly. We take care to clean and sanitize everything, including desks, equipment, doorknobs and handles, customer and common areas, seating areas, bathrooms, exterior doors, countertops, the kitchen area, etc. We also regularly sanitize shared equipment, vehicles, supplies, and shared electronic devices.

4.Offer sanitary/contactless payment transactions.

To further prevent the spread of germs, our technicians take proper precautions to sanitize payment devices and offer alternative means of payment for those uncomfortable using a tablet.

5.Require employees experiencing symptoms/illness to stay home.

We require any of our employees who are not feeling well or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to stay at home to avoid the risk of infecting others.

Safety is Our Top Priority

At the end of the day, our goal is to make our customers - and staff - feel as safe and comfortable while we perform services, while also delivering the best possible quality and customer service. We encourage our customers to communicate any concerns they have, and we are always willing to accommodate them to the best of our ability.

Need help with your next home or business improvement project? Contact My Handyman of Dover today. You can always count on us to make your safety a priority.