Refresh Your Home Starting with These Important Rooms

Whether we realize it or not, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen and bathroom(s) in our homes.

Kitchens are a central place where everyone in the home tends to gather multiple times a day. It’s crucial to have this room looking nice and functioning the way we need it to. When we let kitchen repairs and maintenance go unresolved for too long, this room can start to feel a little dreary and less like a home. As a common gathering place for entertaining guests, the kitchen needs to look and feel inviting. Chipped paint, a curled vinyl counter backsplash, and outdated lighting doesn’t really say, “welcome.”

And the bathroom, well, it’s a necessary room with a basic function, but it’s also where we get ready for the day or get ready for an evening out. If we neglect to take care of this room, we risk having a bathroom that doesn’t function the way we need it to for our daily routines. What will our guests think if the downstairs toilet isn’t working or there’s a hole in the wall?

So, why not make this the year you invest in a simple refresh of one or both of these rooms in your home – the spaces where we spend so many hours of our lives? Here are some ways to refresh your bathroom and kitchen without having to invest in a complete remodel:

Bangin’ Bathroom

Glass It Up

Completely transform your bathroom from gloom to glam. Upgrade your shower door with a beautiful glass piece to pull the entire space together. You can add to that style by pairing it with a matching chandelier to hang as the focal point of the room. You choose your favorite piece and let us worry about hanging it in the perfect spot.

It’s Ok To Be Shelf-ish

Shelving can be used for decorating or logistical storage. Have a small bathroom? Think about taking your shelving tall and skinny instead of short and wide. If you don’t have the space, My Handyman can get creative by building custom floor-to-ceiling shelving to give you the space you need. Organizing your bathroom products CAN be fun if you have the space to do it! We also understand that when using shelving for the bathroom, you probably don’t want your guests to be able to see all your personal products. We can add or install doors to your shelves if you already have some waiting for us.

Add a Pop of Color

Bring your 70’s wood paneling from groovy to great! Bring it back to life simply by adding a light color of paint. Your wood paneling can even double as beadboard. You might also consider adding a strip of casing to the middle and tops of the beadboard and painting the bottom or top a different shade to add even MORE dimension to your bathroom. If that’s not enough color for you, you can always add a fun wallpaper to the top or a bold color to the bottom. Mix and match and make it your own!

Killer Kitchen

Splish, Splash… You Need A Backsplash

A backsplash can make all the difference in a kitchen, allowing you to use color or texture to spruce up your kitchen space without having to spend a massive amount of money. But, did you also know it’s one of the best things you can do to protect the walls of your kitchen? It can help protect against grease splatter when cooking and food splatter during meal preparation. It can even protect your walls behind the sink against water damage from accidental splashing. But don’t forget to have some fun with it; use the backsplash color as the focal point to the kitchen and don’t be afraid to go bold! Give us a call for our suggested styles and our favorites to install.

I’m Floored

Did you know that you can find very affordable flooring that looks like wood, smells like wood, but isn’t wood at all? Waterproof laminate wood is very popular not only because of its durability but also because it makes any space look upscale without draining the bank. My Handyman LOVES installing these floors because it literally takes the room in a completely new and updated direction. They’re easy to maintain and will make your kitchen fresh and clean-looking!

Lighten Up

When it comes to kitchen lighting these days, there are so many fun options. From track lighting to pendant drop lights, you can literally mix and match so many different designs to spruce up your kitchen living space. Don’t be afraid to choose a fun chandelier that stands out, too. This will create a strong visual focus and offer balance and consistency throughout the room utilizing the metal, brass, or nickel finishes for each.

Refresh Your Home Today

Our team is ready to help you turn your outdated or slightly shabby-looking interior space into a fresher, more welcoming version of itself. Class up your home during these dreary winter months by hiring My Handyman to take your bathroom or kitchen up a notch. Contact us today for a quote!