Home Improvements Ideas In Tennessee

Are you a homeowner looking for a way to add that certain something to your property with home improvements? There are probably lots of different projects that come to mind when you think about what can be changed around your house, but it's difficult to know where to start or pinpoint the ideas that will reap the biggest rewards after they’re done.

Whether your goal is increasing property value and curb appeal because you’re thinking of selling in the near future or you're not planning on going anywhere and you just want to tailor your home for your style preferences and unique needs, there is a wide range of home improvement services that will get your house looking and functioning at its very best.

Many homeowners think that handyman companies like Mr. Handyman of E. Nashville and Hendersonville only do light repair and chore work around the house, but that's not the case. Our service professionals have the skill and hands-on experience to provide trustworthy, high-quality renovations, from custom carpentry projects to kitchen remodeling services. This guide will go room by room with ideas and inspiration for some ways we can help improve you home and create your ideal living space.


Of all the rooms in your house that you could remodel, your kitchen probably has the potential to make the biggest impact, both in aesthetic appeal and utilitarian performance.


Replacing cabinets should be a key consideration because they take up so much visual space and are so important for much-needed kitchen storage. If you've ever wished your cutlery drawer was closer to your dishwasher, or there was a pantry cabinet for dry goods near your refrigerator, cabinet replacement offers the opportunity to design a new layout that is perfectly suited to the way you want to use your kitchen.

Countertops & Backsplash

Tile installation and countertop replacement are two more ways to really change the look of your kitchen for the better. When you're choosing materials, take a look at the pros and cons for each one and weigh form versus function. For example, slate tiles are strikingly beautiful and can be a conversation piece for the whole room, but they need to be resealed regularly to keep looking good. Quartz countertops are an option that might not scream "luxury" the way marble does, but they're considerably less expensive and easier to maintain. You may be willing to trade some extra work or expense in exchange for natural beauty and luxury, but it's good to be honest with yourself about what's most important to you.


After the kitchen, bathrooms are the next area in your house that can have a dramatic impact on visual appeal and function. With just some basic bathroom remodeling tips, you can transform your bathroom from just another room to a relaxing, spa-like experience.

Shower Conversions

Tub to shower conversions are one possibility that can add a feeling of space and luxury to a bathroom. If you rarely take baths and don't really need the tub, ditch it in favor of a large walk-in shower space with a bench seat and a light rain shower head. It's a better use of the limited space available in bathrooms that adds luxury without a huge increase in remodeling costs.

Bonus Features

Other possibilities include adding in-floor heating, so you don't have to step on chilly tiles first thing in the morning, or "floating" fixtures such as the toilet or sinks that are affixed to the wall instead of the floor. Don't forget smaller touches like a heated towel rack or decorative elements.

Living & Dining Rooms

It can take a little more imagination to figure out how you can improve living and dining rooms, which are typically more defined by their furniture and location than anything to do with the actual room itself, but there are some ways to add value and charm.

Custom Carpentry

One of the things we all love about historic homes is all the beautiful, custom carpentry work — from elaborate trim to built-in shelving units — but that doesn't have to be a thing of the past. Mr. Handyman's expert carpenters can create and install one-of-a-kind pieces such as fireplace mantels, built-in bookcases, and china cabinets that will make your home unique. They don't have to look old-fashioned either. Since they're being designed just for you, you can choose a style that will best match the rest of the house.

Trim & Painting

Custom trim installation and painting is another great option to really change the look of your home—you'll be surprised what a difference just a small strip of wood can make to overall appearances. If you have an excellent view from your living room, consider having a picture window installed to really take advantage of it.

Windows in Any Room

Technically windows aren't a room, and they may not be the most exciting or dramatic change you can make but hear us out. If your windows are older or you've noticed signs that they're in poor condition, like cool drafts even when they're closed or moisture leaks that are rotting the window frames, you can net enormous energy savings from the superior energy efficiency of new, properly installed windows.

Installing energy efficient windows is also a good opportunity to look at new options for window styles that make a big difference in the appearance and style of your home, both inside and outside.

Rely on Mr. Handyman for Expert Home Improvement Services

Hopefully, that provided some inspiration, so you can start dreaming big about the best home improvements for your house. Whether you're in East Nashville or nearby areas such as Goodlettsville, Madison, and Old Hickory, you can count on the remodeling experts at Mr. Handyman of E. Nashville and Hendersonville to provide solutions for homeowners with quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

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