Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Home

As time goes on, nature lays claim to your home's exterior. Moss grows between paving stones, algae stains your siding, and the sun bleaches decks and fences. Without a little springtime TLC, your once-gleaming home may look worse for wear.

The good news is, there's an easy, affordable way to give your home a makeover. Pressure washing your house can make it look as beautiful as the first day you moved in. Plus, you avoid the back-breaking work of trying to scrub vinyl siding, brick, or cement by hand, and the cost of replacing your home's outdoor surfaces.

Pressure washers are not overly difficult to use, but they are dangerous. In the hands of an untrained DIYer, pressure washers can cause personal injury and damage to your property. That's why it's important to hire a professional service, such as the pros at Mr. Handyman of Greater Columbia and Eldersburg. Continue reading to learn more about how a professional pressure washing service can turn your home from drab to fab, and maintain the longevity of your house's exterior.

Why Should You Pressure Wash Your House?

Here are five key reasons why it’s such an important maintenance step.

Prevent Damage

Over time, exposure to elements, erosion, changing weather patterns, and fluctuating temperatures all take a toll on your property. Through no fault of your own, your house can look a little worn or dingy. An electric pressure washer can blast away grime, buildup, and stains that lessen your home's curb appeal. Common types of damage from exposure to the elements include:

  • Discoloration: Moisture and humidity can result in unwanted black spots, including mold and rot. Such discoloration can plague painted, vinyl, and even concrete surfaces if left alone for too long.

  • Algae, lichen and moss: In the right conditions, these unwanted organisms can grow on your siding, fence, patio, or deck. Typically, algae, lichen, and moss is green, yellow, or red.

  • Dirt: It may seem obvious, but your home—much like your car—will get dirty over time. You might think rainy days are like a big car wash for your house, but drops of water actually contain quite a lot of dirt and pollution. Rather than cleaning your home, rainfall deposits more grime on your exterior surfaces.

Pressure Washers Prime Surfaces

Maybe you want to apply a new coat of paint or stain to your deck, fence, or siding. Before doing so, it's important to prep these surfaces with a thorough cleaning. By far, the fastest and most effective way to clean exterior surfaces is with pressure washers. Also, a pressure washer can strip old, peeling, and loose paint off deteriorating surfaces, ensuring you have a clean canvas to work with.

Window Cleaning

Residential power washing services can also be used to clean windows. Cleaning windows with a power washer requires a different pressure level than cleaning walls or paving stones. It's important to hire a trained professional who can safely remove grime, dirt and other buildup from the different surfaces around your property.

Restore Curb Appeal

Whether you simply want to spruce up your home or are looking to sell, professional cleaning services are the most effective and easiest way to restore your property's curb appeal—while avoiding time-consuming renovations. A thorough exterior cleaning and grime removal is just the thing to make your home look good as new, and boost curb appeal so it's ready for prospective buyers.

Increase Property Value

Residential pressure washing will transform dull, faded, stained, and discolored surfaces, benefiting your home's resale value. Power washing is one of the simplest methods to make your home look aesthetically pleasing. It's also certain to give you an excellent return on investment because it's very cost-effective compared to expensive remodels. Maintenance costs are always mitigated when compared to the cost of having to renovate your home. A good old-fashioned exterior cleaning can work wonders on your property.

What Can You Power Wash?

Many of the outdoor surfaces on your property are safe to wash. A trained expert like the ones at Mr. Handyman will be able to provide quality pressure washing services and let you know what areas around your home can and can't be cleaned. Common areas that need regular maintenance include:

Vinyl Siding and Garage Doors

Did you know that the south-facing and west-facing sides of your house typically receive the least sunlight? Less sunshine means these surfaces are problem areas for moss, mildew, algae, and lichen. All of this buildup can be easily removed from your home’s garage doors and/or siding with the help of a professional technician from Mr. Handyman.

Decks and Fences

Decks and fences are exposed to wear, dirt, rain, wind, and sunshine that can all cause premature aging and give these areas a weathered appearance. Power washing is the best way to make your deck and fence look like new. Not only will it give them a deep clean, but can also be a good way to paint prep.

Brick Siding, Cement Stairs, Paving Stones, and Patios

Places that are close to gardens and lawns, like a brick patio or cement paving stones, greatly benefit from pressure washing. An expert will be able to carefully remove dirt, dust, grime, pollutants, and discoloration from these areas without causing further damage.

Book an Appointment with Mr. Handyman!

To keep your house looking its best, you should book annual pressure washing appointments. We suggest booking these appointments in the springtime, as moisture from the winter is starting to dry and any buildup caused from the colder months can be washed away. Also, pressure washing should be completed during a sunny day.

The expert team at Mr. Handyman of Greater Columbia and Eldersburg is trained to safely and efficiently use pressure washing equipment. Not only can we provide a superior pressure wash, but we're also recognized throughout Central Maryland for our excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on taking the time to listen to our clients' needs, answer any questions you may have, and ensure you're a satisfied customer after your pressure washing experience.

We have the skills to correctly use power washers, follow industry safety protocols, and provide quality service from start to finish. To book your next appointment, give us a call at 410-593-1920 or request service online today.