Looking for a “Handyman Near Me” in Newtown, PA? What to Know

If you’re looking for a “handyman near me” in Newtown, PA here are some tips to ensure that you hire the right handyman for the job. Location is important, but many handymen live and work in the areas around Newtown and Yardley. There are many other factors that should go into your decision so that you can find a capable and versatile professional who can complete your projects.

Sometimes searching for a professional Newtown handyman on Google can make you feel like you’re choosing a name out of a hat and hoping for the best. It can be hard to know if you’ve made the right choice until the work is complete. And that is problematic because this is a category where many people have had bad experiences. Nobody wants that stress at a time when you need home repairs completed or want to upgrade your home with a home improvement project.

At Mr. Handyman serving Newtown PA, we understand how challenging it can be to find a contractor who does good work, communicates well with you throughout your project, stands by their work, is priced fairly, and treats you and your home with respect. Home improvement projects can be stressful. You deserve a partner that will try to minimize that stress through skill, communication, and good customer service.

To help you choose the best “handyman near me” for the job and empower you to feel confident in that choice, we put together this guide. Continue reading to discover our recommendations to help you find the right professional handyman.

7 Tips for Finding the Best “Handyman Near Me” in Newtown, PA

1. Clearly Define the Job You Need Done

Before you hire a contractor, it’s beneficial to have a clear idea of your goals while collaborating with all the decision makers in your home or business. Following clear communication and an agreement among all parties, the job should smoothly proceed to completion. Occasionally when a client is not present or one spouse gives direction with which the other disagrees, jobs can be more bumpy. Strong communication prevents and resolves issues.

A written list is very helpful to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you are sending along a home inspector’s report, this clearly indicates which items you want the technician to repair. Often there are repairs that will be handled by a specialist (HVAC, roofer) or may be settled through an adjustment at closing.

At Mr. Handyman Newtown we have office staff who can help you. They are happy to discuss your list over the phone or you can send it by text or email. Our technicians use iPads through which they see the notes on the job and can view files on the account or post notes and pictures to the account. Accordingly, we can ensure everyone is on the same page.

2. Do Your Research

Just searching for a “handyman near me” and choosing from a long list of companies on Google can be daunting. You may come across people who are not qualified. You may see big national companies that try to sell your information to local providers. Or big internet companies that are more focused on things like restaurant reviews. You may see people who are not even handymen.

Online reviews can be a great way to learn about a business and its focus on customer service. This way,you can learn from other customers’ experiences with a given business. You can learn about the scope of projects completed, the quality of work done, the level of care technicians use in a home, and how the team interacts with customers. You will also see how the business handles unhappy customers—unfortunately any business that does a significant number of jobs will have some. Are they treated with respect and courtesy? Mr. Handyman Newtown surveys all of its customers to identify how it can continue to improve. It reviews all feedback with the entire team. It has over 110 Google reviews with a 4.8 rating.

You can also review pictures online. Posting pictures can show the range and quality of work of a company. At Mr. Handyman Newtown we primarily post pictures on our Google listings page. Though time-consuming, we will also post occasionally on our website, Facebook, and Instagram pages, as well as on some third party sites with which we are registered.

In addition to reviews, there are a few other indications that a handyman company is trustworthy and professional.

  • Are the technicians licensed?
  • Are the technicians/company insured?
  • Do the technicians have more than a decade of experience?
  • Are the technicians backgrounds’ checked and drug screened?
  • Are the technicians trained in COVID-19 precautions and use PPE?
  • Do the technicians clean up before leaving?
  • Does the company offer clear and transparent pricing?
  • Does the company guarantee their work?
  • Is it easy to reach the company to discuss any issues?

If, like Mr. Handyman Newtown, a handyman company is able to check these boxes then you know they are reliable, act with integrity, and will deliver excellent craftsmanship and customer service. Not only do each of our technicians have 20+ years of experience, but we also ensure each of our employees passes background checks and drug screens. The technicians are also trained in COVID-19 precautions and use PPE. You may be allowing a visitor into your home, but they should be someone you can trust.

Additionally, our office is fully staffed Monday-Friday. We answer the phone during off hours and have a backup call center to take messages. We also communicate by email and text if you prefer. If the job goes well, we want feedback to share with our team. If there is a problem, we want to discuss it and resolve it. Our office staff works hard to make jobs go smoothly and enjoy talking to their customers.

3. Get Good References

Do you know someone in your inner circle who has recently hired a handyman, remodeler, or carpenter? If so, ask them if they were happy with their service and would recommend the technician to you. This will provide you with a first-hand account of the company’s value and you also might be able to see what work was actually completed without the hassle of a “handyman near me” search. There is no bigger compliment to us than when a customer refers a friend or family member.

Another way to get a feel for a contractor is to ask the pro desk at Home Depot, Lowes, or a local building supply what they know about local handyman companies.

4. Know what Questions to Ask

Many people have had poor experiences with home improvement contractors. Accordingly, it can be nerve wracking to hire a handyman. One way to feel more confident is to have a list of prepared questions to ask the handyman you want to hire. Not only will these questions give you a better sense whether you should hire a given “handyman near me,” but you’ll also get to know the company better.

Some of these questions could include:

  • How long has your company been in business?
  • Are you licensed?
  • Can you provide proof of insurance?
  • Tell me about your technicians’ background.
  • How much experience does your company have?
  • When would be the tentative timeline?
  • How does payment work? Methods of payment?
  • Will you bring the right tools for my home repair task?
  • How will we handle materials?
  • Will you clean up after you leave?
  • Do you offer a warranty on your services?

Some people will also ask for an estimate. Your provider may be able to give you an approximate estimate before coming out but circumstances and homes differ. They may see something different when they arrive.

5. Consider Skills and Experience

When it comes to hiring a “handyman near me” for your home improvement project, experience matters. Every house is different and you need a professional who can assess and complete your repair correctly and efficiently, with an eye for detail. They also should be experienced enough to know what jobs they are great at and what jobs should be referred to a specialist.

During your interview with a prospective handyman service, it’s important to ask about other projects the technician has completed. Do not assume that because a handyman can handle one task that he can handle the rest of your list. Easier jobs (like changing light bulbs or assembling furniture) might be suitable for all technicians as they require less experience. More challenging jobs, particularly carpentry jobs (like a bathroom remodel, door repairs, installing flooring, or repairing damaged drywall) will require more experience and skill. Your need should dictate the right handyman service for the task. At Mr. Handyman Newtown, the specific job drives which technician we will assign.

At Mr. Handyman Newtown, each of our technicians has more than 20 years of experience. They work with us because we deliver the caliber of work that they are proud of, we treat them like professionals, and we work with customers that appreciate fine work. Our technicians understand that if there is a job that we are not best suited for, we should refer that job to a company that specializes in that work.

6. Ask for Insurance

Insurance is required by the State of Pennsylvania. It’s expensive! But you can’t run a legitimate home improvement business without it. Hiring a handyman without insurance can create financial risks for you. It can indicate that your handyman is not a legitimate business that will be there to stand behind their work. It can also be an indication that your handyman is doing this work as a side business. That means that you may not be protected if something goes wrong, he may not come back if there is an issue, and his full-time job may take priority.

At Mr. Handyman Newtown, each of our technicians work for us full-time and our company is fully insured with general liability, auto, and workers’ compensation insurance. Mr. Handyman Newtown will also send you the picture of your technician and his bio before he arrives so you know who to expect.

7. Leave a Review

Although leaving a review is not part of the hiring process, it will help the next Newtown resident searching for a “handyman near me” to make an informed decision. It also helps the contractor. Mr. Handyman Newtown uses reviews to identify what we’re doing well and areas for improvement. Reviews motivate our team and provide positive reinforcement. When leaving your review, we suggest including the following:

  • A detailed account of the work you had done
  • Your experience and if you would hire the handyman again
  • Any noteworthy way the contractor went above and beyond for you

Why Choose Mr. Handyman Newtown?

We are a locally owned business with technicians who live in Bucks County. You may not find us as the closest provider on Google Maps because our office is not in Newtown; it is just off I-295 on the NJ side. But our office is not for our technicians, they dispatch from their homes and their homes don’t appear as our business address, no matter how close they may live to you. But we believe we are the best provider and one that is dedicated to bringing a professional, customer-friendly approach to a sector that can lack the quality and customer service that our customers deserve. After you hire one of our skillful and friendly contractors, you’ll never have to search for a “handyman near me” again.

Our Values

In addition to our dedication to customer service and outstanding workmanship, our values are at the core of everything we do at Mr. Handyman Newtown. While we are a local business, we follow our franchiser’s code of values which revolve around acting with integrity, respect, clear communication, and trying to have fun while running a difficult business.


At Mr. Handyman, we strive to treat you and your home with the same respect we would give our closest friends and family. We treat others as we would like to be treated. We try our best to listen to our customers. We try to maintain a positive and respectful attitude by speaking calmly and politely in all circumstances.


We stand by our agreements, and intend to keep them. If there is an issue we try to communicate quickly and effectively so that a resolution can be found. We will communicate honestly and purposefully at all times.

Customer Focus

Our team continuously works to maximize internal and external customer loyalty. We will make our best efforts to understand our customers’ needs in all situations and try to communicate our appreciation for their business and trust.

Handyman Near Me, Newtown PA

Are you ready to take the next step after searching for a “handyman near me”? At Mr. Handyman in Newtown, our professional, experienced and skillful handyman experts deliver courteous and helpful customer service while drawing on our years of experience to complete your home improvement projects.

We invite you to give us a call or request a service today, and the team at Mr. Handyman Newtown will tackle your home improvement tasks as soon as possible.