6 Easy Home Projects to Spruce Up Your Home in 2023

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Happy New Year!

If you’re like most people, you probably want to start the year off right by doing some “spring” cleaning. But why stop there? This is also a great time to complete a few home improvement projects around your home in and around Overland Park, Kansas City, Mission, and other surrounding communities.

Completing the six projects outlined below will help your home look and feel its best all year. So, grab your supplies, and let’s get started!

1. Give Your Front Door a New Coat of Paint

Give Your Front Door a New Coat of Paint

Home improvement projects are a great way to freshen up and revitalize your home. Giving your front door a new coat of paint is a simple yet effective home project. It’s a fairly easy upgrade that can positively impact the overall appearance of your home! A beautiful paint color for your home’s front door will make it stand out from the others on the block and give you some extra curb appeal. Taking the time to repaint your front door can improve the atmosphere of your home, making it appear more inviting and welcoming for visitors.

2. Change Out All Your Light Bulbs to LED Lights

Change Out All Your Light Bulbs to LED Lights

Home projects can be a great way to get motivated and improve your home while spending time with your family. Installing LED light bulbs in all fixtures is a simple project that will help reduce your environmental footprint and save you money on electricity bills over time. In fact, LED lights use up to 75% less energy and last longer than standard light bulbs. This is a great and easy step to enhance the beauty of your home while helping the planet! So, why wait? Change out all your lights today and start seeing the energy savings tomorrow!

3. Get A New Mailbox That Matches the Exterior of Your Home

Get A New Mailbox That Matches the Exterior of Your Home

A new mailbox can be a great addition to your home’s exterior, both for aesthetics and practicality. A mailbox that complements your home is sure to add a nice touch of charm to its curb appeal. Further, an upgraded mailbox can ensure that important deliveries are kept secure until you retrieve them. If you’re looking for something truly eye-catching, consider purchasing a mailbox in a color or style that stands out from the typical models found in your Overland Park neighborhood.

4. Add an Outdoor Rug for More Space to Relax Outside

Add an Outdoor Rug for More Space to Relax Outside

If you’re looking for the perfect way to add style and warmth to your backyard, then you should definitely consider getting an outdoor rug. Not only will it give you some additional space to relax outside and enjoy the weather, but these rugs are often made from materials specifically designed to withstand exposure to the elements. Plus, they come in various colors and designs, so you can typically find a style that matches your specific aesthetic and preference.

5. Declutter Around the House

Declutter Around the House

Home organization is never the most exciting of projects, but organizing can make a huge difference to your mood and overall well-being. Decluttering around the house is a great place to start, whether you’re getting rid of old clothes, shoes, or books. You can always donate these items to your local charity shop or give them away to friends or family. Not only will you feel a weight has been lifted from your shoulders after tidying up the house, but someone else may appreciate your kind gesture! Home organizing can certainly be time-consuming, but it's incredibly rewarding when you look around at a much tidier space.

6. Mount Your TV for a Cleaner Look

Mount Your TV for a Cleaner Look

Home improvement is always a great way to start off the new year, and one of the easiest and most effective ways to give your living space an upgrade is by mounting your TV. Completing this home project can help you create a sleek and modern look and free up space in your room. Investing your time and energy into mounting your TV could be just what you need to give your living space a fresh look for 2023.

Mr. Handyman of Northeast Johnson County Can Help You Make 2023 Your Home’s Best Year Yet!

2023 is the year to refresh your home! Mr. Handyman of Northeast Johnson County can help with many of your home improvement and remodeling needs. From something as simple as adding a new coat of paint to your front door to changing out light bulbs, mounting your TV, or installing a new mailbox, we’ve got you covered!

We’ll help you complete various home projects sure to make your space look perfect for guests in the new year.

Allow our local handy professionals to help your home look its best in 2023 with remodeling services. Call us today.