Reasons to Replace or Repair a Ceiling Fan

A handyman with electrical skills and a tool-belt stands on a ladder while fixing a ceiling fan

Common Ceiling Fan Problems

At Mr. Handyman of Northeast Johnson County, we understand the importance of having a fully functioning ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can offer much-needed light and a refreshing breeze – saving homeowners money on electric bills by providing localized comfort at night.

Unfortunately, many issues can emerge over time with any ceiling fan due to natural wear and tear. Today, we will discuss some common ceiling fan issues that may require professional repair services.

The Fan Just Won’t Turn On

A ceiling fan without power may signal a tripped circuit breaker, loose wiring, or a manufacturing defect.

The Pull Cord is Broken

Although ceiling fans with pull cords are increasingly uncommon, they still exist. When a fan’s pull cord breaks, you may find yourself unable to change the settings or speed until the problem is resolved. Our handyman may be able to replace or repair the pull cord – depending on your ceiling fan’s make and model. Reach out today!

Your Ceiling Fan Wobbles Unsteadily

A rickety ceiling fan can result from mounting device misalignment, loose screws, broken blades, or warped plastic. Our team can clean, inspect, and troubleshoot your ceiling fan to search for underlying issues. We will go above and beyond to ensure your wonky ceiling fan becomes firmly secured, tightened, and moves smoothly again.

Your Ceiling Fan Is Noisy

One can expect to hear a low, soothing hum from any ceiling fan. However, if the ceiling fan loses its alignment or gets debris stuck in its mounting bracket, you may be irritated and annoyed by a constant rattle. We can ensure the wiring, blades, and screws are seamlessly connected and balanced.

Your Fan Won’t Spin in Reverse

Some ceiling fans are designed to run counterclockwise – creating an updraft that circulates warm air around a room. This mode can be a useful way to warm up spaces during winter seasons without increasing one’s heating bill. One potential DIY fix involves turning the ceiling fan and the circuit breaker off to check the fan switch and settings. Nevertheless, you may need to call a professional if the switch is defective.

Faulty Speed Settings

Does your ceiling fan’s speed and airflow unexpectedly increase or decrease? If so, there may be an issue with the motor, capacitor, or ball bearings. Let us diagnose the issue and get your ceiling fan spinning at your desired speed again without delay!

Glitchy Ceiling Fan Speeds & “Ghost” Light Adjustments

An all too frequent ceiling fan scenario involves a ceiling fan that suddenly turns on or off, slows down/speeds up or flickers. This situation can be both unsettling and spooky. The issue is likely with the wiring or your circuit breaker. We recommend contacting a professional licensed and equipped to handle electrical tasks.

The Benefits of Hiring a Handyman for Ceiling Fan Installations or Repairs

Installing or repairing a ceiling fan can be complex, dangerous, and time-consuming – especially for an amateur. We recommend you avoid attempting to install or fix ceiling fans on your own. The task involves life-threatening electrical work that can compromise your safety and home.

Contact Mr. Handyman of Northeast Johnson County instead! We will take the necessary precautions to repair, replace, or install your ceiling fan properly. Our technicians will ensure:

  • The electrical outlet is compatible with local housing codes
  • The mounting bracket is securely fastened and sturdy
  • The wiring is compatible with the fixture
  • And much more!

A ceiling fan is something that provides aesthetic and functional benefits. We can make sure your ceiling fan remains in top-tier shape with durable repairs and regular maintenance. We can repair most ceiling fan malfunctions without breaking your budget. Our professional technicians promise to go above and beyond to revive a defective ceiling fan affordably and efficiently. We will recommend our honest assessment of any situation – suggesting the pros and cons of replacing vs. repairing the unit.

Choosing the Ideal Replacement Ceiling Fan

Our team can help you find the perfect ceiling fan replacement if you choose to go that route. We can guide you through the selection process by discussing each option’s aesthetic and practical benefits. Our top priority is to help you choose a ceiling fan that complements your décor and provides durable, safe, and energy-efficient lighting and cooling.

We utilize cutting-edge tools and proven techniques to fix and install ceiling fans correctly. Our equipment and expertise will save you time, energy, and money over the long run. We can even help you lower your monthly utility bill by installing a modern, LED-compatible ceiling fan unit. We’re backed by hundreds of positive reviews and back your ceiling fan replacement with a one-year warranty.

Need ceiling fan assistance? Don’t waste another minute! Call us or book online today and let us cross this item off your to-do list!