Creative Deck Stair Designs for Your Home

An overview shot of deck stairs. Very geometric image with straight, even lines between each deck tread/board.

The Benefits of Repairing, Replacing, or Remodeling Deck Stairs

Are you ready to replace worn-out deck stairs? If so, Mr. Handyman of Northeast Johnson County is here to help. Let us upgrade your deck stairs by building, replacing, or repairing your current setup. A stylish stair design can significantly boost your property’s outdoor atmosphere and curbside appeal. We will ensure your remodeled deck stair design is aesthetically attractive and highly functional.

The wood boards on your deck stairs will gradually deteriorate due to weather, foot traffic, and natural decay. Warped and stained boards are an eyesore to visitors and guests and a potential hazard. Fortunately, our team can deliver a full and comprehensive evaluation of your deck during our initial consultation. We will inspect your deck stairs for structural weaknesses and provide our professional opinion on how to proceed. Your investment will depend upon your budget, immediate and long-term goals, and personal preferences.

Your One-Stop Guide to Deck Stair Designs

Our team will be by your side to guide you along the design process. We want to help you choose the ideal style and layout for your home’s aesthetic and architecture.

Traditional Open Deck Stairs

Traditional open-style deck stairs are a popular, affordable solution. Many homeowners appreciate the rustic, airy, and casual aesthetic of open deck stairs due to how well it complements most architecture. Our builders can create this open aesthetic by removing the stair risers. This removal will create gaps between the treads that one can see through.

Open deck stairs are easy to clean and maintain as well – after all, a light wind will dislodge debris and leaves trapped against the stair risers. The absence of stair risers also helps facilitate water runoff during storms. As a result, your deck will dry faster and have fewer issues with ice accumulation during the winter. The only potential downside is open deck stairs may not satisfy the local building codes. We will always double-check to ensure your stairs meet all regulations.

Closed Deck Stairs

Countless property owners prefer the sleek, seamless look of closed deck stairs. Closed stairs consist of horizontal stair boards with vertical risers connecting each tread. We can paint the risers to match the trim and railings for a unified aesthetic. Similarly, we can paint the wood beams in contrasting accent colors to offer vibrancy and range.

As the name suggests, there are no gaps or open spaces with closed deck stairs. This aspect can increase safety by reducing the likelihood of falls and tripping accidents. Closed stairs can also help prevent scenarios where small children or pets slip through open risers. Finally, closed stairs will help you avoid dropping valuable items and wasting time trying to retrieve items stuck underneath the tread and risers.

The only potential downside with closed stair designs is that they tend to collect leaves and debris over time. If left untreated, this buildup can trap water and attract bugs. At the same time, upkeep is not particularly difficult. You can keep your closed stairs clean and uncluttered with just a little seasonal maintenance.

Modern and Contemporary Deck Stairs

Do you want a deck and outdoor staircase that looks chic, simplistic, and streamlined? You should consider modern/contemporary deck stair options. Contemporary staircase designs offer a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

Some popular contemporary designs and elements include:

  • Open stringer stairs
  • Steel cable stairs
  • Glass panel stairs
  • And much more!

Contemporary stairs are constructed out of various materials, such as aluminum, wood, and synthetic decking. Open stringer stairs are increasingly popular. This design consists of steps that extend beyond the staircase sides – creating a wider stepping surface and modern aesthetic.

Creative Ideas for Outdoor Stairs

Whatever deck stair design you choose, we will ensure it suits your property and style nicely. Upgrading your deck stairs can positively impact your home’s exterior and boost your home’s resale value at the same time. Let our deck specialists create a staircase that reflects your vision. We can build turns and landings to make stairways safer and easier to climb. We can accentuate entrances with split or semi-circular staircases. Or we can create a classical straight stairway.

Our highly qualified team of builders offers years of experience performing deck replacement projects. We’ve built many deck stair designs. Utilizing cutting-edge tools, proven techniques, and high-grade materials, we can revitalize the exterior of your home today!

Call or contact us online to start make your dream deck stair design a reality!