The Common Causes & Consequences of Cracked Drywall

A handyman installs drywall in a home by applying mud to plasterboard.

What Is Drywall?

Drywall is a popular choice for clean, smooth interior wall surfaces. However, a hairline fracture snaking across the wall can disrupt the entire appearance. You’ve come to the right place if you’re tired of dealing with the aesthetic blemishes of cracked drywall. At Mr. Handyman of Northeast Johnson County, we can repair drywall quickly and effectively with professional expertise. Today, we’ll explain why drywall cracks in the first place and the techniques we rely on to deliver fast and effective repairs.

What Causes Drywall Cracks?

Drywall is an affordable and versatile material used in countless modern buildings. However, drywall can easily crack at the seams where two sections converge. When installed properly, these seams should be rendered invisible with drywall mud and tape. The process is simple – mud fills the seam, and tape covers it up.

For structural reasons, these joints are the weakest drywall sections and the most susceptible to stress factors. One such stressor is fluctuations in temperature. Shifts in temperature and humidity can cause your drywall to expand and contract. Over time, this will lead to pressure and fractured surfaces.

A property’s foundation and infrastructure can also cause drywall cracks. This damage often results in vertical cracks extending along windows, doorjambs, or corners. Structural drywall cracks are especially common in recently built homes. Unfortunately, because a building is constantly settling, the stress in the walls can cause cracking at any time. Cracks due to settling are also more common when a property stands on soft fill-dirt.

A faulty installation is yet another cause of drywall fractures. A thin crack can quickly emerge when seams are improperly taped or insufficiently covered with drywall mud. Whatever the situation, our technicians are ready to investigate the root cause of your cracked drywall. Knowing what caused the crack will help us proactively repair your drywall in a way that mitigates the likelihood of recurring issues.

The Consequences of Drywall Cracks

Drywall cracks can cause numerous complications if left untreated. They can weaken the overall structure of a home and create an aesthetic eyesore. Keeping an eye out for drywall cracks and acting fast can help you fix the problem before it gets out of hand.

Luckily, drywall cracks can be repaired and prevented with proper techniques. You can mitigate many stressors and stress fractures simply by hiring a professional who knows how to apply drywall mud and tape correctly.

A seasoned technician can also install drywall properly to avoid nail popping. This problem occurs when nails holding the drywall to the stud pull out, forming dimples on the surface. Fortunately, our skilled technicians can avoid and fix these issues by following proven installation procedures, such as distributing the nails evenly across the stud.

Prevent Drywall Cracks with Professional Drywall Repair

The number one way to prevent drywall cracks is to hire a professional with the knowledge, experience, and skills to deliver a meticulous installation. Our Mr. Handyman of Northeast Johnson County team is proud to be your local solution. We promise to avoid shortcuts or errors at all costs – making each seam as strong as possible.

You can rest assured knowing we’ll use the proper type/grade of drywall mud for each stage/coating. Our most common method entails applying the most adhesive grade of mud for the first coat before adding successively lower mud grades. Our team might also apply quick setting “hot” mud or all-purpose drywall compound, at first, before switching to lightweight mud for the final coats.

We will also go above and beyond to choose the optimal tape – whether that entails paper tape to cover drywall seams or fiberglass mesh tape to cover “hot” quick-setting drywall mud. Finally, we’ll eliminate the likelihood of nail-popping issues by using high-quality lumber. We want your wall studs to be resistant to warping. To create extra adhesion, we can even apply an adhesive to the studs before hanging the drywall.

Mr. Handyman of Northeast Johnson County understands how frustrating cracked drywall can be – compromising the look and feel of a room. We will go above and beyond to avoid future problems by examining the reasons behind your drywall cracks to make proper repairs and installations. Utilizing top-of-the-line tools, cutting-edge strategies, and premium resources, we’ll get rid of those drywall cracks for good!

Are you looking for professional drywall repair you can afford? Reach out to our versatile team of handy technicians today!