Everything You Need to Know About Professional Furniture Assembly

A handyman assembles furniture with power tools.

Why Professional Furniture Assembly is a Wise Investment

When it comes to assembling furniture, there are two options: do it yourself or hire a professional. Doing it yourself might seem like the more cost-effective option, but not all DIY projects turn out as planned. Poorly assembled furniture can lead to unstable, poorly constructed furniture and injury.

Investing in professional assembly may be the best choice for your home and safety. At Mr. Handyman of Northeast Johnson County, we specialize in professional furniture assembly. Our versatile and handy technicians can do it all! We are ready to save you time and hassle by offering our expert furniture assembly services. Our team will assemble your furniture fast and seamlessly.

The Many Kinds of Professional Assembly

IKEA Furniture Assembly

If you’ve ever bought furniture from IKEA, you know that assembling it can be a daunting task. It requires precision, accuracy, and in some cases, special tools. If you don’t have experience building furniture, you could end up with a poorly assembled, unsafe, and wobbly furniture unit. Our professional assembler can save you from all the frustration associated with constructing complex IKEA furniture by taking care of the job quickly and efficiently.

Shelving Unit Assembly

When it comes to shelving units, stability is critical. Even if you think you can assemble the pieces yourself without any issues, your shelves could collapse if there are any underlying issues. Let our professionals help you avoid problems down the road. We adhere to proven techniques and utilize cutting-edge tools to ensure your shelving lasts for years without any structural issues.

We have a knack for building things, whether the instructions are clear or a total mystery. Our team understands the words “minimal assembly required” are often a grand understatement! Whatever the project, we’ll ensure your shelves are successfully assembled, even if the task requires an extensive background in construction and hours to complete.

Sofa Assembly

Putting together a sofa might seem simple enough – until you realize just how many components go into constructing one! Having one of our experienced assemblers assemble your new sofa will save you time and stress. We will ensure everything fits properly and remains stable once completed. We will also secure all connections and perform a final inspection to verify your new sofa looks stunning and provides lasting comfort and support for years to come!

Bed Frame Assembly

Assembling a bed frame is no small feat, especially if it contains drawers or has multiple parts! We'll unbox your bred frame and assemble it with professional finesse and focus. Our experienced assemblers follow details closely, so you won’t have to waste time agonizing over bewildering instructions or pulling your hair out searching for an obscure tool. We will verify all the pieces fit properly, everything is stable, and your bedding can handle the pressure when you finally lay down!

Bookcase Assembly

Bookcases require careful assembly to stay even, level, and stable. A minor mistake can cause a bookcase to pull out of the wall due to the burdensome weight load capacity being exceeded at some point in its life cycle. Fortunately, our pros will be able to assemble your bookcase with precision and accuracy. We will ensure there aren’t any weak points where things might eventually break down over time due to wear-and-tear or improper assembly.

Cabinet Assembly

Cabinets require an extreme level of precision during assembly to remain durable over time — something an inexperienced hand cannot guarantee! Our professional cabinet assemblers will take care of every detail during their process to ensure nothing is overlooked or neglected in terms of quality assurance. We take the worry and frustration out of cabinet assembly, giving you peace of mind knowing that each unit is assembled correctly and looks fantastic.

Hire A Dependable Professional to Assemble Your Furniture

When it comes to assembling home furniture, hiring a professional assembly service is a wise decision – whether your project is big or small. Mr. Handyman of Northeast Johnson County has served and satisfied customers across the country for more than 25 years. We are proud to be a Neighborly™ franchise partner, and back all services with the Neighborly Done Right Promise™. This guarantee backs our workmanship on a simple motto: if a job’s not done right, we’ll make it right.

You can trust our team to arrive punctually and fully prepared to handle anything your assembly project requires. We possess the experience necessary for delivering long-lasting, high-quality results every time! Our professional assembly services are second to none. Rather than attempting DIY projects yourself, trust our professional technicians to get the job done right.

For reliable furniture assembly services, contact us online or call our friendly team today!