How to Methodically Declutter & Reorganize Your Garage

The Benefits of Transforming Your Garage

Is your garage a cluttered mess? Do you struggle to find anything in the chaos? If so, it's time to declutter your garage. This may seem like an intimidating task, but it is completely doable with the right approach. At Mr.Handyman of Northeast Johnson County, we offer many services to help reorganize and renovate garage spaces. Today, we'll discuss tips on how to methodically declutter your garage and simplify your garage space. We will also outline the ways we can help transform your garage.

Remove Everything & Starting Prepping

Before you can declutter your garage, you should remove everything from it. This may seem like a daunting task, but it's a necessary one.

Take everything out and divide it into categories, including but not limited to:

  • Tools
  • Car & household products
  • Sports equipment
  • Holiday decorations

Don’t forget to keep inventory while removing these items by assigning potential holders. It will be very helpful to label materials to identify what you're getting rid of and what you're keeping. Some items may require packing materials to keep them organized, so prepare accordingly with bins and boxes. While early in the preparation process, it is also wise to stock up on cleaning and packing supplies.

Sort, Eliminate, Donate, or Sell

Now that everything is out of your garage and categorized, it's time to decide what to do with each item. Decide whether to donate or throw away the pile of things you want to get rid of and whether to sell or repack the pile of things you want to keep. If there are items you haven't used in the past year, consider letting them go. Always consider whether the items you’re planning to sell are in good enough condition to warrant the effort and time required to find a new owner.

Design Storage Solutions

With everything sorted out, it’s time to design some storage solutions. You can use hooks, shelves, drawers, and bins to store items you’re keeping. When working with a small space like a garage, it is necessary to employ creative storage ideas like vertical hooks. It is advisable to store the items you use most often within easy reach and those you use infrequently or seasonally use on higher shelves. This will help your garage stay organized as the items you regularly retrieve remain easy to locate and access.

Seal Cracks and Repair Hazards

After decluttering and reorganizing your garage, you should address cracks and repair all safety hazards. This includes checking the flooring, windows, and doors. Keep in mind that as you work on designing storage solutions, it is wise to leave a little extra space to store and move items according to your needs.

Dust, Wash, Clean, and Paint

Finally, dust, wash, and clean your garage. Get under any hanging objects, scrub the shelves, and vacuum the floors. Painting the walls with a muted color can add some class to the space while painting with a bright color will add vibrancy. Choosing the correct paint can be tricky: ensure your paint is resistant to all kinds of weather and guaranteed to stay for at least several years.

Need Assistance with Reorganizing Your Garage? Trust Mr. Handyman!

A garage is an essential part of any home. It serves as much more than a parking space for your vehicles. It also offers an area to store equipment and belongings, work on home projects, wash clothes, and more. However, it can be challenging to renovate a garage, especially when you lack the proper tools or expertise. That is where our professional garage services come in to save the day. From installing a new garage door opener to coating the floor, Mr.Handyman of Northeast Johnson County can revitalize your garage space affordably and effectively.

Garage Organization Solutions

Our technicians can build a custom garage storage arrangement that matches your space and aesthetics. We can install countertops, bin systems, shelving, cabinets, wall hooks, and ceiling-mounted storage options to clear square footage and free up space.

Garage Door Opener Installation

With a reliable garage door opener, you can avoid physical strain, enhance security, and enjoy a quieter garage experience. Unfortunately, installing or repairing a garage door can be complex and challenging. Mr.Handyman of Northeast Johnson County can help you set up the new garage opener’s wiring, mounting, and programming. Our team can also help you choose the right type of opener based on your garage door's size, weight, and design.

Garage Door Weatherstripping

Another way to enhance your garage's comfort and energy efficiency is to install weatherstripping. This material seals the gaps between your garage door and frame, preventing air leaks and heat loss. During the winter, weatherstripping can keep cold air out while retaining the warm air, reducing your heating bill. Conversely, it can keep the hot air out during summer, making your garage a comfortable place to work or relax.

Garage Floor Coating

The garage floor is one of the most traffic-prone areas of your home. It endures heavy foot and vehicle traffic, not to mention spills and stains. If you want to protect your concrete floor and make it more visually appealing, a new garage floor coating may be your solution. This service involves applying a durable and glossy surface to your concrete floor, making it resistant to impact, abrasion, and chemical damage. Our team can help you choose the perfect coating based on your needs and budget. We can also help prepare your flooring, apply the coating, and ensure it cures properly.

Handrail and Stair Installation

Safety is paramount when using your garage's stairs and ramps. If you think your current handrails or stairs need an upgrade or repair, you can count on Mr.Handyman of Northeast Johnson County. Whether you need to install a new handrail, replace a broken step, or add non-slip treads, we can accomplish this task safely and efficiently.

Your Local Solution for Garage Renovations

Mr.Handyman of Northeast Johnson County has the experience to handle any garage storage or installation project, whether it's a quick fix or a major overhaul. If you’re looking for reliable professionals to help you actualize your vision, reach out today! We are eager and prepared to transform your garage into a practical and dynamic space!

Are you looking to declutter and reorganize your garage? Call us to discuss our many service options!