8 Bathroom Remodeling Tips for homeowners in Princeton, NJ

Whether you're tired of your current bathroom or are preparing your Princeton home for sale, designing an elegant, beautiful and clean space is paramount. Not only will a bathroom with personality be more enjoyable for your own use, but it can also boost the resale value of your home.

To help you transform a dysfunctional, lifeless and dingy space into a gorgeous bathroom, we've created a list of design ideas. The following tips will help direct your remodeling project, inspire you to think creatively and bring your dream space to life.

1. Install a New Vanity and/or Mirror

If there's one thing the pros at Mr. Handyman of Princeton and Robbinsville have learned after all our years of remodeling experience, it's that the easiest way to give your bathroom a new lease on life is through installing a new vanity and mirror. Since the vanity is the focal point and takes up a lot of real estate in your bathroom, it tends to be the fixture that dictates the space's aesthetic the most.

When choosing a new vanity, consider what you'll use it for the most. Do you need another sink to accommodate your better-half? Perhaps storage is important to you, as the bathroom is shared with multiple family members? Or maybe you love applying makeup, and would relish a vanity that has a built-in stool so you could primp to your heart's content?

Also think about the style you want to achieve in the room. Perhaps you love feminine decor and want a Rococo-esque vanity where you can feel like Marie Antoinette as you get ready in the morning. Or maybe you're drawn to clean, minimalist aesthetics. In that case, perhaps forgo any storage beneath your counter and give your bathroom a more spacious feel.

2. Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can be exactly what outdated rooms need to be transformed into bright and welcoming spaces. For instance, if your original bathroom has gray walls, you might want to choose a lighter and warmer tone. Gray can look a little drab, particularly in cramped bathrooms with poor lighting. Rather, consider a gentle cream or even classic white walls. Neutral tones are also a good choice if you're planning on selling your home after remodeling.

That said, if you're updating the room for your own enjoyment, why not add a new coat of paint that suits your personal taste? Be bold! Pick colors that speak to you and communicate how you want your bathroom to feel.

Although neutral tones are always a safe bet—how many times have you seen an all white bathroom?—color can be an opportunity to put your personal stamp on the space. However, many homeowners feel overwhelmed at the thought of putting together a color scheme that works. We advise you to keep to the rule of threes and to use the color wheel.

The Rule of Threes

This design concept is very straightforward: pick three colors and stick to those throughout the bathroom. But how do you decide which color takes up the most real estate? There's a rule for that too. Organize the colors from lightest to darkest. Then, use the lightest color in 70% of the area, the second lightest in 20% of the space, and the darkest, boldest or most distinct color in 10% of the room. This is known as the 70/20/10 rule.

The Color Wheel

This rule of thumb is pretty easy to follow, too. It just requires taking a trip back to grade school when you first learned about primary and secondary colors. The color wheel is used by designers and artists alike to know what shades work well together. There are many ways to create a palette using the color wheel, but the easiest tricks to remember are the analogous scheme and complementary scheme. The former uses colors that are beside each other, like orange, yellow, and green. The latter uses opposite colors, like blue and orange.

3. Experiment with Tiles

Outdated, dingy, and damaged tile can ruin your bathroom's appearance. Sometimes a quick re-grouting job can give old tiles a new lease on life, but typically it's best to replace them entirely. Although standard tan, gray, and white tiles tend to be the go-to choice for builders because of their neutral appearance, tiling is an opportunity to elevate your space. For instance, why not experiment with:

Fabulous Subway Tiles

A perfect way to put a spin on standard white tiles, subway tiles have a chic appearance that will make your shower backsplash look bigger than it actually is. Another benefit is that this style is typically framed with dark grout—which hides stains and wear.

Colorful Porcelain Tiles

Highly durable, porcelain tiles are built to last. They're also available in a wide range of styles and colors—so this is your opportunity to have a little fun! Why not add a mosaic to your bathroom floor? Or perhaps go for an art deco look with alternating black and white tiles?

Luxurious Glass Tiles

Although this material is costlier than other varieties, glass is undoubtedly beautiful. It's also available in nearly infinite styles and colors. Glass is not the best material to use for floor tiles, but it will make a show-stopping backsplash in your walk-in shower or tub.

4. Incorporate Stylish Wall Art

You hang art and pictures in other areas of your home, so why not in your bathroom? Wall art is a perfect way to add a pop of color. Also, adding art is a thoughtful way to show off your distinct style. While you can incorporate any type of art, ask yourself: What kind of ambience do I want to create? For example, landscapes are classic and calming, whereas abstract art is chic and modern.

5. Add Fresh Plants

Sometimes bathrooms can look a little sterile and lifeless. If you don't have a lot of time for a massive remodeling project, add a few thoughtfully placed plants. Gorgeous greens and dashes of color breathe life into any room. Since bathrooms are typically humid, and don't always have access to lots of natural light, the best plants to use are:

  • Orchids

  • Snake plants

  • Moss

  • Begonia

  • Peace lily

  • Bamboo

6. Maximize Storage

A key consideration when remodeling your bathroom is storage space. How much storage you need depends on what the space is being used for. Master baths or a family bathroom will need a lot of room to store toiletries, towels, and beauty products for multiple people. But a powder room might only need minimal storage. Maximize your space by incorporating a vanity with drawers and cupboards. For smaller rooms, one pro-tip is to recess medicine cabinets, so they don't stick out from the wall.

7. Utilize Lighting Fixtures

Poor lighting in a beautiful bathroom can still make it look unappealing. It's amazing the magic proper lighting can bring. Most interior designers break-down lighting into three categories: ambient, task and accent. As implied by the names, ambient is the primary light source, task highlights areas of the room reserved for specific uses and accent rounds out a space. Used together, any room will look inviting while being properly illuminated.

Another consideration is natural light. Make the most of light streaming into the room by placing a mirror opposite any windows. This will bounce light back into the space and make it look brighter.

8. Change-Up Plumbing Fixtures

You don't have to knock-down your bathroom and rebuild it from the ground up to create your ideal space. Another small touch that makes a big impact is updating your plumbing fixtures. For instance, say your faucets are a bit too brassy for your taste. Why not change them up with stainless steel or even bronze models? It might sound like a tiny adjustment, but details like this have the capacity to make or break the room.

In addition to aesthetics, plumbing fixtures are also important for practical reasons. If you've noticed your energy bill is quite high, consider switching to an efficient toilet or showerhead. This will reduce the amount of water you use, benefiting both your wallet and carbon footprint.

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