Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs Commercial Handyman Services

Whether you run a commercial building, own a restaurant, or manage a boutique in Princeton, there will always be a list of maintenance tasks to get done. Maybe the light bulbs above your front window display have burnt out, you need to install a new hood fan in your commercial kitchen, or you just noticed water damage on the ceiling.

As an entrepreneur or building manager, you already have your hands full with other responsibilities. So, tackling these to-dos on your own can feel overwhelming.

Even if you have the skills to handle basic repairs, you likely don't have time to get everything done in your busy day. Besides, these little odd-jobs may not seem like a priority when sales need to be made or customers served.

However, letting maintenance tasks slide can negatively impact your business. For instance, moisture stains on your drywall are not just unsightly—decreasing your business’ aesthetic appeal—but can also result in significant damage requiring lengthy repairs. Water damage can lead to mold and wood rot, which are serious health and structural hazards. To make these repairs, you may have to close your business temporarily—meaning you could suffer a financial loss due to lack of business.

Keeping your property in its best shape is important for a variety of reasons, including increasing profit. That’s why it’s important to hire the right Princeton handyman services. Continue reading to discover why choosing the trusted team at Mr. Handyman of Princeton and Robbinsville is key to running a profitable and comfortable business.

Who Needs Princeton Commercial Handyman Services?

Anyone who owns or operates a commercial building will benefit from hiring Mr. Handyman of Princeton and Robbinsville to handle their maintenance needs. Although our company is recognized throughout Princeton for our excellent customer service and outstanding residential workmanship, we’re also highly specialized in providing commercial handyman solutions. We’ve brought our sought-after services to industries including:

  • Hotels/hospitality services

  • Municipal government services

  • Manufacturing businesses

  • Retail/shopping malls

  • Restaurants/food services

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Small businesses

  • Corporate offices

  • Financial institutions/banks

  • Schools

What Do Commercial Handyman Services Include?

At Mr. Handyman of Princeton and Robbinsville, we’re your “one call does it all” handyman service. Whether you need an emergency drywall patch completed or would like to hire us to complete annual maintenance, our team has it covered. Save yourself the hassle—and expense—of hiring multiple contractors when our skillful technicians can check-off all the tasks on your to-do list.

Our Princeton Commercial Handyman Services include:

  • Drywall installation

  • Drywall repair

  • Door installation

  • Door repairs

  • Fence repair

  • Tile installation/repair

  • Flooring installation/repair

  • Restroom repair

  • Commercial carpentry

  • Cabinet repair

  • Cubicle and furniture assembly

  • Crown molding repair/installation

  • Drop ceiling repair

  • Store closings

  • Hanging pictures, mirrors and whiteboards

6 Benefits of Princeton Commercial Handyman Services

Hiring a commercial handyman you can trust plays an integral role in your business’ success—and your peace of mind. The top 6 reasons why you should invest in professional commercial handyman services include:

1. Put Your Business' Best Foot Forward

Your business’ aesthetic directly relates to its success, especially if you work in a sales-oriented industry. For instance, retail shops, restaurants, and hotels rely heavily on their design to encourage customers to return time and time again. Ensuring your drywall is not cracked or dented, your lights are not burnt out, and your property is damage-free all adds to the overall look and feel of your business.

However, keeping customers happy is not the only reason to ensure you stay on-top of your business’ maintenance. A clean, safe, and comfortable environment is also imperative for your employees and/or tenants. In particular, as a building manager it’s your responsibility to ensure offices, apartments and other commercial spaces you lease are properly cared for. When there is a leak in the roof or damaged tile in the bathroom, it’s up to you to ensure the problem gets fixed.

Likewise, employees should feel safe and comfortable while at work. Even if the rest of your office space is catered to keeping your employees happy, but the office furniture is outdated and uncomfortable, your team will feel dissatisfied. In the workplace, dissatisfaction and discomfort can lead to poor productivity.

Improve and maintain tenant, employee, and customer satisfaction (and retention) by hiring our Princeton commercial handyman team to tackle all your maintenance needs.

2. Save Time and Money

It might sound counter-intuitive, but hiring a commercial handyman to look after your property will actually save time and money. Firstly, allocating maintenance tasks to a trained professional lightens your workload. With less “fires” to worry about putting out—such as replacing a damaged front window—you’ll waste less time and be able to focus on the essential elements of your job.

Secondly, regular building maintenance reduces your facility's operating costs and increases the lifespan of its assets. Having one of our service professionals take a look at your commercial space and address any issues on an annual basis ensures it operates at its best. Our team of experts will troubleshoot concerns and ensure they're dealt with immediately. Repairing problems like cracked tiling, stained drywall and sticking doors promptly and effectively prevents these issues from worsening—which will cost you more in the long run.

3. You Don’t Have to Do the Work

Worrying about repairs in your commercial property takes up time and energy you could pour into other aspects of running your business—such as boosting marketing efforts, completing inventory, or hiring a new manager. Choosing the experts at Mr. Handyman of Princeton and Robbinsville to take care of your maintenance to-dos is a stress-free process. Let us know what the problem is, and we’ll fix it in a timely manner. Our team will take care of all your commercial property’s repairs, so you can devote your time to doing what you love: growing your business.

4. Avoid Hiring Multiple Contractors

When you have multiple to-dos that need to get done at your place of business, it’s much easier and more cost-effective to hire one team to do it all. For instance, let’s suppose you need a hole in your drywall patched, dents in your molding repaired, and a new cubicle assembled. Rather than hiring a drywall contractor, a carpenter, and someone you found on Craigslist to put together the cubicle, one of our experienced service professionals can do all three tasks in one scheduled appointment.

Investing in the team at Mr. Handyman of Princeton and Robbinsville saves you time, money, and the hassle of finding, scheduling, and managing different contractors for individual tasks. Instead of juggling multiple companies, it’s a wiser choice to choose our one-stop-shop professionals.

5. Discover Other Projects that Need Attention

While some issues are easy to spot, other concerns could go unnoticed without the help of a trained professional. Our service professionals excel at addressing repairs you didn’t even hire us to take care of. Since we charge by the hour, our technicians maximize that time by taking on as many tasks as we can. If we notice a problem you’ve overlooked, we’ll bring it to your attention and ask if you want it fixed. We know how much responsibility running a business and commercial property requires. It's our job to make yours easier by being as thorough and helpful as possible. Your satisfaction is always our top priority. Also, by drawing your attention to concerns early, we’ll help prevent issues from worsening—saving time and money down the road.

6. Increase Profits

Making a profit is naturally the top priority of any business, and staying in the black is integral to a company’s success. While you’re already the expert at training sales associates, creating a top-notch product, or providing exceptional services, we’re the experts at keeping your space looking and functioning its best—which also impacts your bottom line. The more comfortable and usable your space is, the better your employees will perform. And, the more likely your customers will loyally return. Details such as lighting, smooth walls, well ventilated bathrooms, and maintaining a beautiful space is key to creating the perfect environment to increase sales.

Your Princeton Commercial Handyman Services Checklist

Looking after your commercial property is a year-round job, especially in Princeton, where the weather varies seasonally. Although there are some maintenance tasks you can tackle on your own or allocate to your employees, other repair and maintenance jobs should be handled by a professional handyman. To help you stay organized while managing your property, we’ve created the following checklists.

Make the most of a slow-period at your business and hire our service technicians—unless an emergency pops-up and you need repairs immediately. Since our commercial handyman experts are so versatile, we can complete an entire list of to-dos in one appointment. We can help with the following maintenance tasks:

  • Power wash dirty sidewalks, siding, and other hard surfaces

  • Repair or replace damaged doors

  • Clean gutters and downspouts, if safely within reach

  • Seal any cracks in caulking

  • Re-grout old tile backsplashes and floors

  • Repair or replace broken tiles

  • Replace damaged, cracked and foggy windows

  • Patch or replace damaged drywall

  • Hang paintings, photos and mirrors

Your DIY Commercial Maintenance Checklist

There are many maintenance tasks property owners and entrepreneurs can check-off on their own, without help from our commercial handyman experts. There are some tasks you should always keep up with, and others that are best completed seasonally, starting with the spring.

Your Routine Maintenance Checklist

  • Check the batteries in smoke/carbon monoxide detectors

  • Test the building fire alarm system

  • Inspect all fire extinguishers

  • Check for burnt-out light bulbs, replace as needed

  • Clean interior and exterior window glass, tracks, and frames

  • Inspect all door latches, locks, and hinges for damage and correct orientation

  • Replace HVAC air filters

  • Replace any water filters

  • Check for signs of water damage

  • Check for signs of rodent/pest damage

  • Ensure all OSHA safety standards are being met

Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

With the spring weather comes snowmelt, increasing the risk of water damaging your commercial property. Melting snow will also show any landscaping issues that might have happened during the winter. Additionally, spring is the perfect time to give your business a deep-clean—perhaps adding basic cleaning tasks onto your employees responsibilities, if appropriate.

  • Ensure no debris is blocking your HVAC vents

  • Sweep debris from business entrance

  • Dust, sweep, vacuum, and general tidy

  • Inspect interior/exterior of building for water damage

  • Inspect outdoor lighting for damage

Your Summer Maintenance Checklist

As any Princeton business owner knows, summers in Princeton are warm and humid. That’s why it’s important to make sure your HVAC system is working properly, and check for any structural damage that could worsen in the humidity.

  • Check interior/exterior of property for rot, rust, and peeling paint

  • Ensure bathrooms are correctly ventilated

  • Ensure outdoor areas, like a patio, are clear of debris

  • Ensure all trash and recycling areas are in good condition

  • Check that AC is working properly

  • Test windows and blinds to ensure both open and close properly

Your Autumn Maintenance Checklist

Cool weather might turn green leaves into beautiful hues of red, amber, and gold, but it also signals the need to get ready for winter. Autumn is the perfect time to prepare your commercial property for snow and cold temperatures.

  • Ensure downspouts are directed away from property

  • Ensure doors open, close, and lock correctly

  • Rake and clear away fallen leaves

  • Ensure your furnace/boiler is working

  • Inspect windows for cracks or fog

  • Ensure HVAC vents are clear of debris

Winter Maintenance Checklist

Safety is a top priority in the winter. Snow and slippery ice can be tricky for clients and employees alike, so it’s integral that your property is adequately prepared to prevent the risk of a fall.

  • Hire snow removal services/shovel snow off sidewalks

  • Have salt on-hand to melt snow/ice from high-traffic areas

  • Inspect the building’s interior for maintenance issues

  • Flush little-used toilets and run faucets to keep pipes from freezing

  • Ensure floors have mats for wiping snowy boots

  • Monitor the ceiling and floors for damage

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Do you need help to maintain your commercial property? Mr. Handyman of Princeton and Robbinsville is here for you! As a business owner and/or property manager, you have enough on your plate. Let our Princeton commercial handyman experts take care of the repair tasks on your list, so you can focus on running your company and keeping customers, tenants and employees happy.

We've helped numerous entrepreneurs and building managers with their commercial property's repair needs throughout Princeton and in nearby areas, including Montgomery and West Windsor.

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