6 Home Repairs That You Should Consider to Boost Home Value

It’s inevitable that homeowners will eventually notice signs of damage in their homes. Whether it is a pre-existing issue previous owners have left behind or accidental damage, it needs to be fixed.

There are many reasons why homeowners embark on a fixer-upper mission, and one of them is to create a safer living environment for their families. If walls, ceilings and floors are deteriorating, not to mention siding, deck, windows and doors, we can’t expect these problems to go away on their own.

At Mr. Handyman of Princeton and Robbinsville, our experienced Princeton handyman technicians are highly versatile and have completed numerous home repairs for local Princeton residents. We will make your curb appeal pay off and your home’s interior safe and comfortable for your family. Share with our team your needs and any additional remodeling requests that we could incorporate for you. Because why not add a secure fence gate while we’re upgrading your fence? Or install a new toilet while we’re re-tiling your bathroom wall?

Preparations Before your Princeton Home Repair

Planning home repairs requires discipline, patience and a high level of dedication. It’s also never a one-person job, however, you’re the one that makes the final decisions.

Figuring out your budget is tough because you may have to rely too much on your savings in case of unexpected issues that could arise during the main repairs.

We recommend being realistic about your expenses and keeping a minimum of 10% as a liquidity cushion. Take your home’s overall value and determine what you can spend on each part that needs repair. Planning and budgeting can be a homeowner’s nightmare, but our Princeton handyman team can give you valuable assistance to save you a headache. We provide checklists and resources to help move things faster. With us, you can build a realistic timeline, we’ll be sure to meet it without delay.

Weigh Out Home Repair Benefits

If there is one thing we need, it’s motivation—something to which we can look forward. Like your family, we will help you get through this big project and help you focus on the benefits that come with your Princeton home repair:

  • Boost your ROI (return on investment): Upgrades and fixes help add more value to your home and give potential buyers reassurance that your house is in perfect shape.

  • Cost Recovery: You should eventually earn back the cost of your home repair when you sell it.

  • Home Equity Loans can help you finance your home repair. It usually involves interest-only payments until you sell your house

What if I Want to Keep My House?

  • Better and safer living environment for you and your family

  • Long-term results through improved functionality

  • Ability to customize according to your preferences

  • Optimized energy systems to lower utility costs

  • Increased spaces, added comfort

  • Less future maintenance

Home Repair Vs. Maintenance - What’s the Difference?

We refer to repair as an asset that experiences failure. For instance, holes in the wall signify damaged drywall. Or a chipped countertop could be related to aging. Maintenance describes the action of keeping your assets in shape, like cleaning or even replacing minor parts. It helps ensure your assets’ efficiency for many years to come. A good example of maintenance services is gutter cleaning because it enables rain water and other debris to flow away from your house. Without cleaning, the gutters will clog over time, causing damage to your soffit and fascia, which could further lead to siding damage and much worse.

Existing damages need repair, whereas maintenance is a preventative measure to avoid damage at all cost. The more maintained your home is, the less repair it will need in the future.

Princeton Home Repair - Exterior

The first impression counts like nothing else if you plan to sell your house. You want the curb appeal to sweep people off their feet. While pressure washing your front and backyard is the last thing to do, you might want to focus on the elements of your house first.

    1. Soffit & Fascia

You have probably missed a couple of gutter cleaning routines and your soffits have suffered some leaks.

Soffit is an essential element that protects your roof; it is the horizontal underside of the roof eave, extending past the exterior wall; it’s as though your roof has a supporting ceiling underneath. Ideally, it’s vented to provide your attic and rafters with decent air circulation. It’s designed to reduce moisture and condensation.

Fascia is the horizontal finishing board connecting to the roof rafters’ end. It sits above the soffit and is mounted exactly where your roof meets the rooflines. It’s designed to support your gutter system by creating a barrier between the outside elements and inside your roof.

As joined forces, both protect your roofing system from weather damage and infestation. You will need repair if they are worn out or suffered water damage. Our skilled team at Mr. Handyman of Princeton will inspect your roof’s overall health and ensure that your soffit and fascia are in good shape.

In case you have wood material, we will check for wood rot. If that’s the case, a fascia board replacement will most likely be your solution. We recommend using vinyl or aluminum for more durability and resistance.

     2. Siding Repair

Siding is the main exterior protection of your house, also referred to as the shield that protects you from severe weather conditions and wildlife damage. Whether your siding needs repair or replacing, our skilled Princeton handyman has a meticulous eye for detail and will give you options that will make your siding shine again.

Depending on siding type and maintenance service, sidings can last up to 50 years, but sometimes it’s not in our control to keep our assets in good condition.

Common signs that you need repair include:

  • Wood rot: Often vinyl has some wood siding beneath, and a specialized wood rot treatment technician should inspect it. Handling wood rot is one of our specialties.

  • Water Damage in interior walls means that you have water damage inside your home.

  • Warping and Bulging: Vinyl can warp or melt in heat, colors fade. Other times, parts can bulge outward.

  • Dents, Gaps and Holes: Storm damage or general wear and tear. If you have cedar siding, chances are that squirrels and woodpeckers are chewing on your siding or picking at it.

  • Increased Utility Bill: Worn out exterior cladding can compromise your home’s overall insulation.

  • Gutter & Downspout Inspection: Keeping an eye on our home’s exterior drainage system requires lots of maintenance. Gutter cleaning will help ensure your fascia board stays in shape and thus, protect your siding from dampness

    3. Deck, Patio

Your deck is an integral part of your home, which doesn’t just look nice in the winter but serves as a living and playing space during the summer. When you have friends over for a barbecue, you would want it to look spotless and clean.

Failing deck boards and railings and other structural issues contribute to safety hazards. Princeton residents live in a humid climate, where erosion and rot in homes are frequent. And erosion around your deck post can destabilize your whole structure.

We can provide you with necessary fixes, whether you need a new post, new surface boards or painting and finishing, we have you covered with expert deck repair service. Your family and friends will be able to enjoy a safe outdoor space.


Fixing up your home’s exterior is a huge part of your overall home repair project, where every little detail counts. We are experts in home repair and other home improvement services and are to help you make the most of your project.

Princeton Home Repair - Interior

After taking care of your home’s exterior presence, the interior has just as many aspects for repair, if not remodel. We are domestic creatures who feel safe inside because we have four walls that hold our home’s structure together. But nothing ever remains perfect, despite maintenance.

Here are three home repair suggestions to consider.

    4. Drywall Repair

We refer to drywall as the interior wall made of gypsum board, which is calcium sulfate. There are different types with different purposes with an average thickness of half an inch. It’s durable and doesn’t crack. While there are fire- and water-resistant types, it doesn’t mean they’re not prone to damage.

The most common damage is cracks caused by your house settling and water damage by weather or plumbing issues. These telltale signs can signal underlying problems of your home’s overall foundation. A certified technician at Mr. Handyman of Princeton can determine it for you if foundation repair is required, so you can rest assured that nothing will spiral out of control.

Drywall repairs are messy and time consuming but worth it because it allows us to inspect the structure underneath. If cutting, mudding, sanding, dusting, taping and painting aren’t your cup of tea, your Princeton handyman happily takes that burden off your shoulder and even cleans up all the mess like nothing ever happened.

The results of a Princeton drywall repair project are very rewarding and boost your home’s value and provide long-term safety with less future maintenance work.

    5. Floor Repairs

Whether it’s hardwood, vinyl, laminate or linoleum, our professional floor installers have fixed numerous floors for Princeton homeowners. They will help you identify if you have subfloor damage caused by rot or mold.

Damaged floors can also feel spongy, showing visible raises in different spots, which could signify subfloor decay. Depending on the severity, replacement is often inevitable.

Or perhaps you have neglected your hardwood floor and didn’t use floor pads before putting heavy furniture on it. But don’t worry, grooves on surfaces are too easy to fix.

    6. Electrical Issues

Princeton homeowners want to make sure their electric residential wiring is in good working order—electrical components in your house should run through your main service panel. Depending on your needs, you might benefit from a sub panel with more electrical outlets. If you notice any frequent electrical problems around your home, our insured Princeton handyman can find the root cause for you and fix any faulty wiring

Common electrical problems include:

  • Light switches not working properly

  • Lightbulbs blowing out frequently

  • Flickering lights

  • Circuit breaker tripping

  • Circuit overload

Not only are these problems a nuisance, but they can cause electrical fires if you don’t take care of them. We have options to help you optimize your overall electrical system. That way, you and your family will stay safe.

Other than that, we also install, repair and replace the following:

  • Ceiling fan repair

  • Motion detector

  • Dimmers, timers

  • Smoke detectors

  • Light fixtures

Bonus Tip

We have touched upon it before, but with all these Princeton home repairs in mind, it’s worth taking into account any other renovations. Homeowners often look into best ROI options and discover that home renovation projects can give you 70% ROI. Instead of watching stocks, why not invest money in your own house and make good profit?

Home repairs and home renovations often go hand-in-hand and improve your curb appeal even more. You will get a higher sense of satisfaction when all that hard work is done. Keep in mind you will mainly be planning and budgeting, while we will be helping you with the rest. Let us help you improve your lifestyle.

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