5 Issues That Are Easily Fixed with Anne Arundel Handyman Services

Common tools used for handyman services in residential houses.

Do you want all your property problems to go away? Professional handyman services could end your frustrations and restore your peace of mind. There are many property owners in Anne Arundel County, and all those buildings are bursting with repair, maintenance, and renovation demands for their owners. Professional services are the best way to deal with all those situations.

Many in Anne Arundel County contend with issues such as a broken door, damaged drywall, or unfinished bathroom renovations. Property suffering from unaddressed issues isn't just a problem for security, safety, or curb appeal. A deteriorating, unfinished building also has an effect on comfort, happiness, and quality of life for everyone that calls it their home.

The skilled professionals at Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and North PG have helped more than one business owner and homeowner find their way out of difficult situations in their own property—and we can help you too! There are some problems that people solve themselves, but there are other situations that call for the assistance of professional handyman services. We're here to help you figure out if you need service from a pro!

1. Big Holes in Your Walls

Has someone in your home or business recently left a gaping hole in your wall? Accidents like that are more common in Anne Arundel than most people think. Drywall has many amazing characteristics, but extreme durability isn't a feature of most indoor walls.

If you're surprised to learn that the walls inside your home aren't tough, you'll be even more surprised to hear how many steps it takes to fix substantial damage. Something so susceptible to damage must be easy to fix right? Sadly, that assumption is wrong. Some drywall solutions are simple, but repairing huge holes requires precise planning, careful cutting, and serious sanding—not to mention the need to repaint.

Drywall repair is a messy, frustrating, tedious task that requires skill, knowledge, and time if you want amazing results. Not everyone in Anne Arundel should try fixing large holes in their walls. Using a patch kit to fix a small hole might be simple, but replacing an entire section of Sheetrock is only easy when you use professional handyman services.

Other Problematic Drywall Damage Includes:

  • Moisture stains
  • Large cracks
  • Sagging popcorn ceilings
  • Crumpled corner beads
  • Shattered built-in shelving

2. Unfinished Tile Projects

Many bathroom remodeling projects start with new tile. We've seen a bathroom remodel end there too. Choosing tile patterns, materials, and designs is a fun part of kitchen remodels and bathroom projects. Some projects even end after tiles are laid because few other improvements are necessary after achieving those amazing results. Other renovation projects stop there altogether, because laying everything down takes time, precision, and lots of effort. Sadly, some tile tasks never get completed.

The best time to get handyman services for your tile project is before you begin; your local service professionals will also save you from a half-completed handyman job. Tile repair and installation is one of the most popular services people need in Anne Arundel County. Your local handyman would be happy to help you create a new kitchen backsplash—or restore your bathroom to a comfortable condition.

Associated Issues Include:

  • Hairline cracks
  • Loose “dummy” tiles
  • Old, moldy grout
  • Worn caulking
  • Cloudy discoloration
  • Stained surfaces
  • Faded colors

3. Deck Damage

All outdoor areas in Anne Arundel are susceptible to extra damage. Most handyman companies offer maintenance services to keep that constant wear under control, but accidents still happen. Some types of destruction are unstoppable.

Issues with your porch, patio, or deck should all be fixed before anyone steps on them—or through them—but getting out of those situations takes time. Even common porch repairs might take all day. Replacing your wobbly stairs might take all weekend. That investment of effort doesn't even include the time it takes to learn how to properly complete those repairs to avoid band-aid fixes and recurring problems.

Professional handyman services take all the stress, effort, and exhaustion out of dealing with deck damage, problematic porches, and pesky patios. Your handyman does all the work, and you reap the rewards. All you have to worry about when it comes to these handyman services is what you'll do with all your free time!

Potential Deck Problems Include:

  • Water damage
  • Wood rot
  • Structural instability
  • Wobbly rails
  • Broken boards
  • Unstable stairs

4. Unsatisfying Kitchen Storage

Are your kitchen cabinets older than the house itself? Is that even possible? Some amateur home improvement projects do make use of older cabinets that have been removed from one building and installed in a new kitchen.

Age isn't the only issue when it comes to kitchen storage. Space and function are also common sources of frustration. Does your corner cabinet stretch around a bend where not even someone with rubber arms could reach the pots and pans that fall there? Wouldn't it be nice to have custom cabinets created just for your kitchen—and your needs?

If you want a spice rack attached to the back of your cabinet doors, or a roll-out pantry, or just drawers that are easier to open and close, it might be time to think about the benefits of making an appointment for local handyman services. Closing off your kitchen for custom cabinet installation might be a mild inconvenience, but who wouldn't trade a few moments of minor disruption for years of satisfaction with new kitchen cabinets?

Handyman Services also Address:

  • Outdated bathroom vanities
  • Inadequate bathroom storage
  • Mediocre garage storage
  • Custom shelf construction
  • Magnificent mantel creation
  • Exterior storage additions
  • Entryway storage needs

5. Frustrating Electrical Fixtures

Are your light switches too high or too low? Does your ceiling fan fail more often than it works? With the wide variety of services that a handyman offers, they can even replace the light fixtures or fans in your house with more suitable, safe, satisfying solutions.

Many people in Anne Arundel are uncomfortable when it comes to working with electricity. We don't blame you. Safety is always our priority, and when it comes to hooking up new fixtures, relocating light switches, or adding new, convenient options, we always create a safe, worry-free experience. Your only concern should be how high or low to set your new dimmer switches.

It's easy to ignore all the little things around a house that might annoy you but fixing all those problems brings an amazing sense of relief. If there's one situation that nobody in Anne Arundel should ever suffer from, it's discomfort in their own home. All it takes to create that disappointing environment is a small problem like dim bulbs. The only thing you need to get out of that situation is an appointment for professional handyman services.

Handy Services Will Fix Electrical Problems Like:

  • Inadequate lighting
  • Inaccessible switches
  • Loose sockets
  • Busted bathroom fans
  • Failing ceiling fans

Do You Want Handyman Services?

If you're in a situation that could be solved with handyman services, the pros at Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and North PG are ready to save you! We don't just deal with repairs and replacements. Our team even helps with services like power washing! We handle all kinds of maintenance, repairs, and renovations for homeowners and commercial property owners in our business community. With just one call, we'll do it all!

Call for more information about what we do, or to schedule a convenient appointment for handyman services. If you live in any of the communities in or around Anne Arundel County, like Severna Park, Crofton, or Glen Burnie, we're here for you!