Your Complete Seasonal Deck & Patio Care Guide

Picture a perfect pristine patio, or describe your desired, deluxe deck. What does it look like? Is it worn and deteriorating, crumbling at the corners and ruined with rot? Unless your dream home is a haunted house, that's probably not how you want your deck to look. Arlington benefits from excellent weather during the spring, summer, and fall. Barbecues, garden parties, and backyard camping are all great ways to enjoy your outdoor space, but unsightly structures standing out against the grain grow gruesome enough to ruin your leisure activities.

Every experienced handyman on our team at Mr. Handyman of Arlington and Northwest Mansfield knows how important regular maintenance is for extending the life of exterior structures. By maintaining your own regular schedule, you can avoid future damage and repairs. Even just sweeping and regular TLC has a positive effect, but if you really want to treat your outdoor space to the tender techniques and touch-ups it deserves, there are optimal seasonal solutions to save it.


Morning dew glistens on the grass. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, breezes carry the sweet aroma of bluebonnets and the earthy scent of morning showers. Spring has sprung, and your deck needs attention.

Weather and other environmental elements impact exterior home surfaces all year round in Arlington, but not always in the same way. Effects vary according to the seasons, so any repairs or maintenance you perform needs to match the current time of year. In the spring, there are two essential deck services that need to be completed.

Wash & Clean

Over the winter, all manner of foreign materials build up in the spaces between boards and soak into exterior materials on patios and decks. Just as many of Arlington's homeowners take advantage of the spring to clear out their interiors, you also need to incorporate a thorough pluck and wash for exteriors.


  1. Remove any debris from between your boards with a putty knife. Be sure to get everything around areas where boards cross joists underneath the surface.

  2. Cover all your plants and any furniture you can't move to protect them from any accidental damage.

  3. Thoroughly sweep the area.

  4. Apply an appropriate cleanser. Your choice should match your material—wood, composite, and vinyl all have different requirements. Always follow the instructions and wait the recommended amount of time for drying.

This is also a great opportunity to consider power washing. There are several benefits of power washing service from your local service pros that will ensure you achieve the maximum level of cleanliness before you proceed to the next step.


Sealers protect external surfaces from new stains while maintaining their appearance. That's why sealing should always follow cleaning in the spring. There are several sealer options with varying benefits. Your choice will depend on your goals. Some options retain natural appearances and reveal grain, while others create an opaque layer that completely hides grain but also creates a strong seal.

You can get this job done yourself, but it takes a considerable time investment and there's several important steps where things can go wrong. Many homeowners choose to utilize deck sealing services from handyman service professionals.


The mouth-watering, hunger inducing, savory smell of barbecue is wafting over fences and across rooftops. Summer months are also prime inspection times, and opportunities to do repairs on your exterior spaces. When you're looking for possible problems, pay special attention to areas within six-inches of the ground, or near water sources (including gutters and downspouts).

Look for Lurking Damage:

  1. Signs of Rot: Push a screwdriver into your perimeter posts. If the wood puts up little resistance, you probably have rot.

  2. Check the Ledger: That's the framing that attaches your deck to your house. Unnoticed damage in this area is the cause of many collapses. You'll have to get underneath with a flashlight to perform an effective check

  3. Inspect Joists, Posts, and Beams: While you're down there, you may as well take a look at everything else. Look for signs of wood rot with your screwdriver. Check all the hardware too, and replace anything that's rusted-over.

  4. Look for Cracked Boards: Board cracks aren't a huge issue or structural threat, but they're always going to get worse over time. A large crack can lead to injury or more severe damage.

  5. Read the Rails: Give your railing a little push to confirm all your posts are secure. Look for cracks here too—they commonly appear around fasteners like nails or screws.

It's simple enough to remove a rotted or cracked board. Fixing railing damage is pretty simple as well. However, if you notice serious amounts of damage, especially while you're inspecting the ledger or under-surface, the best option is to schedule an appointment with local service professionals who can safely and effectively complete all necessary repairs.


Cooler air prevails. Soon enough, children will be pounding up and down your porch dressed in costumes. It's time for preventative measures to protect your deck or patio. If you weren't able to get in a wash or deck sealing services during the spring, you can do that now. In addition, there are some standard jobs that should be completed during the early off-season.

Fall Maintenance Should Include:

  • Trimming bushes and nearby shrubbery—keeping everything at least one foot back will slow the development of moss, mold, and rot

  • Clearing leaves and other debris from corners

  • Moving plants and furniture to prevent surface discoloration

  • Checking nearby gutters and downspouts

What About Deck Installation?

You might assume that spring is your best option for deck installation in Arlington. You're going to be using it all summer, so why not get it done a couple of months in advance, right? However, it may work to your advantage to get it done way ahead of time instead. That being said, fall is actually the best time of year to complete deck installation.

Why Should You Build A Deck during the Fall?

  • Increased Availability—If you're going to need improvement services from construction professionals, it's far more likely that they're going to be available in the fall, during the beginning of the off-season.

  • Less Weather Damage—Decks built in the spring suffer from temperature fluctuations and storm damage in their first year, but fall weather is less severe and more predictable.

  • Reduced Project Cost—Many material suppliers offer off-season incentives and additional packages that you can take advantage of.

Do You Need Deck Service in Arlington, TX?

Professional services for decks and patios, including installation, can be completed year round, but there's an optimal time to get everything done. Luckily, a high quality of service is always available for everything from power washing and deck sealing services to major repairs.

If you have questions about decks and patios or you need immediate help, give us a call at 817-567-2433, or get started online.