10 Questions To Ask a Local Handyman

Are you thinking about hiring a local handyman in Arlington, TX? Whether you just need some small repairs done around your home or are looking at a bigger renovation project, it’s important to find a service professional with the expertise to get the job done right, on time.

Once you find the right handyman, they can play an integral and dependable role in your home's life for years to come.

The right handyman for you is just a few steps away. You just need to know what questions to ask in your search to hire the right professional.

If you'd like help in knowing how to choose a handyman, keep reading to learn the 10 questions to ask before you decide.

What Does a Handyman Do?

When you're looking for a local handyman, think about what you need help with now and potentially in the future. The right handyman should have the expertise to offer a hand with an array of tasks, from drywall repair to installing kitchen cabinets.

Some handymen are licensed and experienced at handling specialized projects, too. In your search, pay attention to specialized services, especially if there's something in particular you need.

Let's take a look at some of the things that handymen can do.

Gutter Repair and Cleaning

Cleaning gutters may seem like a simple task, but more often than not, complications arise. Plus, when you clean gutters, you must use a ladder and run the risk of falling.

Rather than opting to do so yourself, a trained handyman can do the job for you. While they're cleaning the gutters, they can also inspect them and perform any repairs if necessary.

Don't wait too long to clean those gutters! Gutters that stay clogged for too long can lead to a leak in the roof, which inevitably leads to more serious issues down the road.


Painting projects usually require an expert hand to get done right. If you're not confident to complete one on your own, or perhaps you don't have the time, then a service professional is the obvious choice.

If your painting job is smaller, such as a specific wall or room in your home, a local professional handyman can be the right choice. Home improvements and painting go hand in hand, and most handymen are skilled painters. Before dipping into your pockets to pay a professional painter, ask your handyman about what they can offer.

Shelving Restoration and Installation

Do you ever look in your bedroom or kitchen and think if you just had new shelving set up, you'd be more inclined to keep everything organized?

Handymen are experts in shelving restoration and installation. If you don't have the time to install shelves or cabinets on your own, or want to ensure the job is done properly, a trusted handyman should be able to do so with ease.

Deck and Patio Repair

Having a deck or patio can make your life significantly more enjoyable. Whether you enjoy watching the stars or throwing outdoor dinner parties for friends, a deck is an excellent addition to any home.

However, over time, the elements can cause wear and tear to your deck and cause it to degrade. Whether it's fixing loose boards, repainting, or reconstructing your deck, your local handyman should be able to do it all for you.


Nothing can cause a fight like trying to put together furniture at home, especially when you're busy with work or have little kids and pets running around.

Whether it's a new bookshelf, a bed frame, a crib, or a grill, your local handyman can stop by just to help you assemble a new furniture purchase.

Other Projects

In addition to everything we mentioned, there are plenty of other jobs and renovations a local handyman can do for you. From pressure washing to light installation, here are a few more things that a handyman can help with at your residence or commercial space:

Now that we've touched on some of the many things a handyman can do, let's take a look at what to ask a local Arlington handyman before you hire.

10 Questions to Ask a Local Handyman

Are you wondering where to find the right handyman? From asking friends and family to searching online, there are plenty of means for finding someone nearby. The key is to find a few different options and then ask two or three professionals the right questions to determine who is the best person for the job.

1. What Kind of Work Do You Do?

When you ask your local handyman this question, you shouldn't receive any vague answers. Your handyman should be able to tell you all the things they do and have done in the past.

What do they do the most of? What do they specialize in? Knowing exactly what they can and can't do will give you a better indication of whether or not they're right for you.

Most handymen can repair and improve a wide variety of things in your home. However, for more specialized projects you'll want to make sure they're licensed for the specialization.

2. Are You Licensed?

Right off the bat, you want to find out if and how your local handyman is licensed. When it comes to larger jobs, this is especially crucial as you don't want to run the risk of someone getting injured or sued.

Handymen are obligated to construct things to legal standards, which is why it's essential they are licensed for the jobs that they do. Local and state governments issue licenses. If your handyman is licensed, they shouldn't hesitate to provide you with the necessary information, including their license number.

You might want to check if they're bonded too, which ensures they are financially responsible and also capable of paying filed claims.

3. Do You Offer an Estimate?

Some handymen charge for a first-time visit and spend their time assessing a potential project, whereas others offer an estimate on the phone. Ask upfront before someone comes to your commercial or residential space so that if you don't end up hiring them, you don't owe anything.

A professional, reputable local handyman should offer up a quick phone estimate on most projects. For something like wood rot, it might be a loose estimate, as they'll have to investigate further before knowing exactly how bad the damage is.

Avoid a handyman that seems keen to avoid talking prices. They are more likely to try to provide malicious and hidden fees on the final bill.

4. Do You Offer a Warranty or Guarantee?

In an ideal world, once the job is complete you are happy and satisfied with the work. However, once in a while the work requires a fix or the customer isn't entirely happy with what's been done.

It's important that when going into a project, you have the assurance of knowing your local handyman will fix their work if you aren't happy with it. What if something malfunctions just days after a completed project? The best handyman will stand by their work.

5. How Long Have You Been in Business?

When you opt for an experienced company, they are more likely to have an established system in place to start and complete jobs with professionalism.

The great thing about hiring an experienced handyman is that you'll have more access to reviews and are able to see their prior work.

6. Can You Provide Examples of Your Previous Work?

Most professional handymen have photos and detailed records of all their previous jobs. If there's a particular job you need to complete, they should be able to show you images and share details of projects similar to yours.

When you look at photos, you'll have a better idea of the handyman’s quality of work. If it's a huge project worth thousands of dollars, it's also a good idea to ask for references. Most local handymen have references they can offer from customers they've worked with in the past.

If you do get the chance to speak to their other customers, here are some questions to ask:

  • Were you satisfied with their work?

  • Did the final project cost line up with the estimate?

  • Did any problems arise, and if so, how were they resolved?

  • Did they communicate effectively throughout the entire project?

  • Would you hire this handyman again?

7. How Do You Prefer to Communicate?

When you're spending money to upkeep or improve your home or business, it's important that you work with someone who communicates consistently and efficiently.

Ask your potential handyman how they prefer to communicate, how easy it is to get a hold of them, and how often they'll update you throughout the project.

If you notice a lack of communication right off the bat, it's a red flag that they might be like that going forward.

8. Do You Have Insurance and Workers' Compensation?

The same way that you have insurance on your car, your health, and your home, you should expect your handyman to have insurance too.

Any professional handyman should have general liability insurance, which assures you that if there are any damages or negligence, you aren't obligated to pay. Likewise, if your handyman has other employees, they should have workers' compensation so that if anyone gets hurt, you won't be held liable.

9. Do You Have a Crew?

There's nothing strange about a handyman having extra help, especially if there's a big project to be done. However, you have every right to ask and know who else they plan on bringing in to help.

You're entitled to ask for names of the additional crew and whether or not they've had background checks. They should be insured, too, so that you can't be held liable should an accident happen.

If your handyman does plan on bringing a crew, ask if this will affect your cost at all.

10. How Many Projects Are You Currently Working On?

Obviously, your handyman probably has other projects going on, or they wouldn't be in business. You want someone who's in demand but not too busy to arrive on time and complete your project in a timely manner.

You also want to consider how quickly you want something done. Your local handyman might run an extremely organized calendar but not have time to install your new kitchen cabinets for another month. Be sure to ask how busy they are and how feasible it is for you to have your project completed by your desired date.

Find the Right Handyman for All Your Home or Business Needs

When searching for the right local handyman in Arlington, Texas, chances are there will be a few candidates you are going to consider. However, the right handyman is going to be the one who sufficiently answers all your questions.

We made the job easy for you! Mr. Handyman will be happy to answer all these questions, and we’re sure you will be happy with the answers!

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