How to Tell If You Need Window Repair or Replacement In Your Arlington Home

Windows are among the finest features of our homes. They let in natural light and fresh breezes, contribute your home’s style, and are perfect for gazing out of while you're daydreaming—or checking up on what's going on in your neighborhood!

While they're definitely indispensable, they can also cause big issues for homeowners when they fall into disrepair.

If you've ever watched in horror at the sight of a foreign object contacting and shattering the glass in one of your windows, you know there's no hope in getting those pieces back together—it needs to be replaced. But do they always need replacement? When can a repair job be the right solution? We'll cover common situations in which a window can be repaired, and signs that it needs replacing.

Whether your windows are crying out for repair or replacement, you'll need an experienced local handyman to get the job done right. Our team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Arlington and Northwest Mansfield have decades of experience with windows in Arlington-area homes. We proudly serve customers in Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Colleyville, Southlake, Grapevine, Irving, Coppell, and beyond with reliable service.

Common Issues That Can Be Solved With Repairs

Historically, the general practice was to remove and replace most windows that had suffered any kind of damage, especially those with wood-frames. But, more recently, the approach has shifted somewhat as homeowners search for ways to reduce costs and preserve their home’s unique or custom features.

Sometimes there's no getting around it—and they need replacing. But other times, repair can be the best or a least sensical option. Read on to discover common problems that can be solved with repairs.

Chipped or Peeling Paint

When your paint or wood stain is chipping and peeling away around your frames, muntins, and mullions, it's obviously unsightly—but it also leaves the wood underneath vulnerable to a whole host of more serious issues, such as wood rot. Your handyman will carefully sand away your old paint or stain, smoothing off any splinters in the process, and refinish your frame with new paint or stain and a coating of sealant.

Rotted Wood

Wood rot is decay caused by wood-eating fungi requiring a high moisture content to develop. In other words, wooden frames are particularly susceptible to rotting. If you think there's a patch of rotted wood near your windows, take a screwdriver and press it down onto the suspicious area. If it sinks right in with little or no resistance, you've got wood rot.

While your handyman might not need to replace the glass, they'll likely need to replace the rotted wood. For smaller areas of rot, especially where it would be prohibitively difficult to remove the entire piece of wood, rotted bits can be scraped out and filled in with epoxy.

Broken Muntins and Mullions

Muntins and mullions are those little strips of material, usually wood, that separate small panes of glass within the larger frame. Sometimes they're actually separating glass, and other times they're "faux" muntins or mullions that are bonded to one large piece of glass to give it a divided look.

Regardless of whether they're real or not, if they have peeling, chips, dents, or some other unattractive deformity, they can likely be repaired without replacing the glass.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

Being able to open your windows easily is great when you want some fresh air, but it's also a safety measure in case you need an emergency exit. Fortunately, this is something that can be repaired without requiring a new pane. The repair depends on what's causing the difficulty, but some possible reasons for a sticky window are:

  • Rusty or loose hinges and springs
  • Too many layers of paint built up over time
  • Settling of the house has caused the frame to warp
  • The opening mechanism has come off its track

Degraded Exterior Casings

When the exterior casing of your windows are damaged, loose, or missing altogether, it diminishes your curb appeal and leaves the interior of your home vulnerable to damage. But, your handyman should be able to get it fixed up (or a new one added on) without tampering with the actual window itself.

Signs Your Windows Need to be Replaced

If the glass is actually broken, it's going to have to be replaced. But, sometimes a window that doesn't have broken glass still needs replacement.

Most of these signs have to do with a window that is not able to lock cold air and moisture out of your house, and while it's unpleasant to shiver away in a home that should be warm, it's even worse to see your energy costs inflated by malfunctioning windows.

On the upside, this is the perfect opportunity to install modern, energy-efficient windows with the goal of saving you money.

Some possible signs that you need replacement are:

  • An excessively high energy bill
  • Drafts coming from the area
  • Glass in dual pane windows is cold to the touch
  • Fog caused by condensation trapped between panes is visible
  • Glass is scratched or warped
  • Insects are finding a way in through the frame
  • Damage so extensive a replacement would be more cost effective than a repair
  • Noise travels through the glass very easily to the point that outside noises can disturb you while you're inside
  • You want to change up the style of your window to boost your curb appeal and home value

Count on Mr. Handyman for Your Repair and Replacement

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