Electrical Services

Install, Repair, Replace & More

From time to time homeowners have small projects involving wiring and electrical components. Mr. Handyman professionally installs electric appliances like ceiling fans and fix problems with light switches, dimmers and household lighting fixtures.

  • Ceiling Fan Installation

    In addition to saving on utility costs, installing a ceiling fan enhances your room's current aesthetics and can serve as additional lighting. Insured and expert technicians from Mr. Handyman take the precautions necessary to ensure your ceiling fan looks and works great.

  • Dimmers, Timers & Motion Detectors

    We safely and quickly install dimmers and programmable timers on lighting, and add motion detectors to garage and outdoor lighting. We can help you pick out the right product, and install same day.

  • Hard to Reach Light Bulbs and Smoke Detectors

    When lights burn out on tall ceilings and hard-to-reach smoke alarms need their batteries changed, your local Mr. Handyman has the experience and equipment to do the job quickly and safely.

  • Light Fixture Installation

    Updating a light fixture? Our professional installation is safe and exacting to your standards. All of our home improvement professionals are fully insured in order to provide quality, worry-free experience.

  • Loose Wall Switches & Socket Repair

    Safety is always a concern with loose electrical switches and sockets and it’s a concern when repairing them, too. Mr. Handyman professionals know how to approach these jobs safely and provide you with peace of mind.

handyman installing light fixture
Some services are subject to state and local licensing and may not be available in all locations.