Five Problems You Can Solve with Porch Services in Arlington, TX

Screen door replacement and other professional porch services being completed with the help of a local handyman.
A pristine porch is perfect for enjoying the outdoors in Arlington, but that satisfaction will slide away if you're suffering from the issues of gradual wear on your outdoor spaces. Fixing those issues is important if you want to keep enjoying your front porch, patio, or deck. Completing those repairs is easy if you use Arlington porch services.

No outdoor living space is safe from the effects of time — not to mention weather and pests. Critters, storms, and the stuff of daily life can increase the severity and frequency of impacts on your exterior areas. Nobody wants to live with those problems, but few people have enough time to fix them.

If your poor porch conditions are pushing you into other areas of your property, you can get help from a team of experts. Mr. Handyman of Arlington, Mansfield and Grapevine is here to help with a wide range of Arlington porch services — from routine maintenance to exceptional repair solutions.

Some people in Arlington hesitate to get handyman services — either because they don't think they need them or they think that doing so would be a waste of time — but you could save yourself time, effort, and unnecessary stress for all types of maintenance and repairs, simply by calling your local, reliable handyman for their exceptional service solutions. An experienced porch professional would be happy to help with a variety of problems, so you can enjoy your exterior living space again!

1. Slashed Screens

A screened-in porch has many benefits. You can open your door to air out your interior without worrying about pets or anything else accidentally getting outside, and you can enjoy the outdoors for hours without ever swatting away a single mosquito. Sadly, those benefits won't last if you have even a small tear in your screen.

Screen repair is a common service request for basic porch maintenance in Arlington. It sometimes feels like tears aren't worth your time to repair if they're not large enough for anything to get in or out, but a mesh screen is only as strong as its weakest section.

In fact, rips reveal compromised security. Animals and insects will push their way through even tiny holes, making them larger in the process. Sooner or later, a small rip will become a large tear, and your options for Arlington porch services will rapidly decrease.

Screen Repair Options:

  • Patching isolated problem areas
  • Small solutions with screen repair tape or quick-drying adhesive
  • Removing & replacing large sections of screen
  • Replacing an entire mesh screen — in the case of severe, irreparable damage

Screen Installation

If your current porch doesn't offer sufficient protection against the elements, screen porch installation is a service you should consider. Rather than being driven inside by mosquitoes — or forced to coat yourself in a membrane of bug spray — you could stay outside all night in perfect comfort.

2. Crumbling Columns

Do you take the time to look over your columns during your annual standard inspections? A full inspection of your entire patio, deck, porch, and any other exterior areas is a basic step for any seasonal deck maintenance plan.

When you inspect your columns, pay special attention to any potential signs of corrosion or rot. Wood rot is a serious issue for every variety of wood that's used in exterior surfaces. If you have a different decking material, keep an eye open for rust and other worrying damage.

A porch collapse probably isn't one of your outdoor living dreams. An annual inspection and prompt service for any issues will help you prevent that disaster from happening.

Signs of Wood Rot:

  • Soft wood — spongy surfaces that are easy to penetrate with a screwdriver
  • Discolored or darkened areas — anything rust-colored, yellow, or white is cause for concern
  • Damp, musty odors
  • Signs of crumbling or decay
  • Cubical fracturing — wood breaking apart into squarish chunks

3. Cracked Concrete

A concrete porch, like any other concrete slab or surface, will crack and break if the sub-base beneath it shifts enough. That shifting has many potential causes in Arlington, from improper installation to rainwater erosion. Sections of concrete will start sinking if any of those scenarios affect you — leaving you with cracks and other damage.

Whether shifting soil sinks your concrete surfaces, sudden impacts crack the concrete, or years of gradual deterioration start taking their toll, there are solutions to put everything back in perfect condition. Professional Arlington porch services will patch, repair, and restore your outdoor concrete surfaces to make things look right again.

Common Concrete Damage in Arlington:

  • Crumbling steps
  • Spalling surfaces — a.k.a scaling, peeling, flaking, or chipping sections
  • Scratches & stains
  • Failing expansion joint seals
  • Leaks

4. Rickety Railings

If your wobbly wood railings are something you avoid grabbing, then it’s time to address that as well to create a comfortable and safe home. Your railings are there to prevent accidents, but they might cause injuries if they're in a state of disrepair.

Repairing any loose or deteriorated railings will reduce any risks of injury for everyone in your outdoor space. If your annual inspection reveals loose joints, wobbling sections, or signs of rot in your wood railings, getting Arlington porch services from your local handyman service professional will fix all your problems. Some problems are solved with repairs, but replacement is a better option for dealing with extensive damage.

Railing Replacement Options in Arlington:

  • Aluminum: A durable material that's also resistant to corrosion, warping, & other damage.
  • Steel: An even more durable metal than aluminum, but with less cosmetic options. This is a good utility/practical option for businesses.
  • Vinyl: A stronger material than wood that can also mimic its appearance. Vinyl railings have many different cosmetic customization options.
  • Wood: A classic, rustic material that can be repainted, but which also requires more frequent maintenance to avoid issues.
  • Wrought Iron: A stylish metal material option, but also one with less durability than other metals.

5. Custom Carpentry Needs

This problem is less serious than the other structural issues listed above, but an unsatisfying porch is just as likely to send you away as any nagging repairs or maintenance. Enjoying summer weather is best when it's done under optimal conditions, and that includes having outdoor areas that serve your every need with custom features. Your local handyman is also an expert carpenter, capable of providing installation service to meet your every desire.

Custom Design Features:

  • Built-in box planters
  • Double doors
  • Bench seating
  • Raised levels
  • Extensions & wraparounds
  • Unique, eye-catching styles for your railings, roof, & other exterior areas

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