Frequently Asked Questions About Exterior Trim Services in Arlington, TX

Do you know if you need exterior trim service? Many homeowners in Arlington don't pay much attention to their roof trim or other little outdoor features — unless they get damaged. Many people aren't even sure what they're for or why it's important to choose the right material in Arlington.

The exterior trim of your home is there to do more than look pretty. It’s also your first line of defense against weather, pests, and other impacts. Without effective siding, soffits, fascia, and other exterior trim, you'll be exposed to adverse factors from outdoor elements in Arlington.

Your exterior trim is one of the more subtle members of your outdoor protection team, but it's just as essential for keeping your property's appearance pristine and keeping your interiors protected. Although many houses in Arlington have decorative trim — or could benefit from installation services — not many people know as much about it as the experts at Mr. Handyman of Arlington, Mansfield and Grapevine.

By getting answers to all your important questions, you'll prepare yourself for meeting the needs of your exterior areas with professional Arlington exterior trim services for every situation. Without that essential information, you won't know the signs that you need service from a professional Arlington handyman — and you'll miss out on the benefits of timely professional service.

What is Exterior Trim?

Exterior trim is a term with a broad definition. Technically speaking, it includes many outdoor surfaces in Arlington, all of which are smaller features that add a unique image to your property. Those small features also add extra protection against drafts, rain, pests, and other problems — which is why it's important to keep them maintained.

Trim Surfaces:

  • Fascia boards

  • Soffits

  • Materials that edge around windows & doors

  • Horizontal boards beneath the fascia

  • Shutters

  • Spindles

  • Other additional finishing features — like wood window trim on brick siding

How is it different from Fascia?

Wait, if fascia is included in that list, then how is it different from the other surfaces? Strictly speaking, fascia only refers to the boards installed at the edges of a roof. They're also the surfaces where builders normally attach gutters. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, fascia refers to something more specific than the broader category of exterior trim.

Which Trim Material Should You Choose in Arlington, TX?

If you're thinking about getting installation service or repairs for your exteriors, you may be thinking about what your options are for different materials in Arlington — especially if you're dealing with issues caused by wood rot. A rot resistant material like fiber cement might be more suitable than your current wood boards.

If you're getting replacement or installation service for a new exterior finish, make sure you consider all the pros and cons of your chosen material. If you need advice about which option to choose, your Arlington handyman service provider can help you consider the benefits of each material.

What are the Different Materials?

  1. Wood: The classic material choice for any Arlington customer, this option is often chosen for its natural aesthetic and the fact that you can paint wood a wide variety of colors. Its major drawback is the need for constant maintenance service to reduce your risks of rot and insect infestations.

  2. Polymer: Polymer is created by injecting resin into pre-formed molds. It's easier to use and easier to paint, but it's also more expensive — and more susceptible to warping from extreme temperature changes.

  3. PVC: This exterior material option comes in many shapes and sizes. It can even be molded into custom styles. PVC is easy to install, but it also costs more. Like polymer, PVC is also susceptible to extreme temperature fluctuations.

  4. Fiber Cement: This is one of the most durable and stable materials you can choose. It's resistant to fire, rot, insects, and even impacts. Extra durability means less maintenance service, but that benefit comes at a slightly higher cost for both materials and installation.

What are the Signs of Damage?

No matter what type of trim you choose, it will eventually get damaged. There's no way to stop the endless pressure that the great outdoors puts on exteriors in Arlington — even constant sun exposure is enough to cause fading colors and peeling paint.

Rot and insect damage are more common issues with older wood materials, but nothing in your home lasts forever. Signs of trim damage are an indication that there might also be issues with your siding or windows. Any annual inspection should include checking for window damage, siding issues, and any signs you need soffit or fascia services. If you spot any worrying issues, your local service professionals can help restore every problematic area.

Warning Signs:

  • Signs of wood rot

  • Warping

  • Stains & moisture damage

  • Peeling paint

  • Faded colors

  • Dents, cracks, & holes

  • Insect or animal traces — such as nests, scratch marks, or strange smells

  • Window drafts

  • Mold or mildew

  • Mysteriously high energy bills

What Are Your Exterior Trim Service Options in Arlington, TX?

Getting help with Arlington exterior trim service is even more important than knowing how to complete interior trim repairs. Getting annual service — or even seasonal maintenance every fall and spring — will ensure that your exteriors are effectively protecting you from Arlington's outdoor elements.

There are many high-quality solutions that exist to handle exterior home improvements, maintenance, and repairs. If the damage isn't severe, you may only need simple trim repair; yet trim replacement will be your only choice if there are extensive issues.

Getting help from an experienced service professional will also help you identify the cause of any damage. Some issues — like moisture damage — have indirect causes. Overflowing or damaged gutters are common causes of siding stains, and that issue will just come back again if you don't also get gutter repair service.

Exterior Services in Arlington Include:

  • Power washing

  • Repairs — for soffit, fascia, siding, & every other exterior surface

  • Replacement & installation

  • Gutter cleaning, repairs, & installation

  • Window frame & shutter solutions

  • Door frame repairs

  • And much more!

Do You Need Arlington Exterior Trim Service?

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