Your Questions About Arlington Pet Door Installation Answered

11:00 pm: Dog needs to pee.

12:30 am: Cat is scratching at the bedroom door to be let in.

2:30 am: Dog needs to pee again.

4:00 am: Cat is scratching to be let out.

6:00 am: Your alarm goes off... and you haven't had two solid hours of sleep all night.

When you're devoted to your furry friends, you know how important it is to create a comfortable, safe home environment for your pets—not just for their happiness, but to make the experience of sharing a house with them pleasant for you as well. Professional Arlington pet door installation will help with that.

If the above scenario is all too familiar to you, it's time to look into Arlington pet door installation. That way, Rex can go out to the yard (what seems like) a dozen times per night, and you can slumber blissfully without worrying that you're going to find an "accident" on the floor in the morning. Or you can focus on getting your priorities taken care of during the day without getting up (what seems like) every five minutes to play doorman to a dog.

You may have some questions about Arlington pet door installation—and we have answers! This guide will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about entryways for the most adorable members of your family. When you're ready to hang up your dog doorman uniform, you can rely on Mr. Handyman of Arlington, Mansfield and Grapevine for efficient, safe, professional installation services. If you live in Arlington or nearby areas, we’re here to help—both you and your pet!

Are Pet Doors Safe for My Pet?

Yes, pet doors are safe for your dog and cat as long as they are the correct size. A dog can hurt themselves trying to squeeze through a too-small door, or even get stuck. Before purchasing a unit, it's a good idea to grab a measuring tape and get the approximate measurements of your dog or pet—or research average sizes if Spot is still a puppy. And of course, you want to make sure that the portal is exiting into a safe area for your pet, such as a fenced yard.

Do Burglars Use Dog Doors in Arlington?

If that one scene from the movie Home Alone comes to mind when you think of Arlington pet door installation, this concern is understandable. For an extra-large dog, you need an extra-large dog door—and it's not unheard of for a burglar to use it to try to gain entry to your house. But it's much more likely that a four-legged intruder like a stray dog, raccoon, or skunk will invite themselves in if given the opportunity.

However, there are some solutions that can help give you peace of mind that you won't have unwelcome visitors of any species in Arlington. For example, microchip entries lock automatically as soon as they close. Your pet wears a small chip on their collar that opens the entry when they—and they alone—approach it. If you're more concerned about intruders getting in while both you and your dog are away from the house, you can get a locking cover that fits over the door on the outside and prevents anything from getting in or out.

Will a Pet Door Increase My Energy Bill?

When you're concerned about air drafts lowering the energy efficiency of your home, a dog door flapping in the breeze probably seems like a terrible idea. But there are energy-efficient pet doors that offer good protection against wind in Arlington. Some of them use magnets to hold the entry closed when it's not being used, while others offer extra insulation with double flaps. Microchip entries can keep wind out as well. It's also worth noting that a pet entry opening and closing lets in a lot less air than when you have to open your actual entry to let Lassie in and out.

Do Dog Doors Decrease Home Value in Arlington?

Since they are usually not a huge problem to remove, dog entries aren't going to have a significant impact on Arlington property value. One caveat is that if you install it in a fire rated entry, such as an entry between the garage and home interior, an Arlington home inspector will likely require it to be replaced with a new door installation before sale for safety reasons.

If you're concerned about Arlington home value and you have sliding glass patio doors, you can get a pet entry panel that can be quickly and easily installed and removed from the patio entry without causing any damage, which is also a great option for renters with dogs or other pets in Arlington.

Can You Install a Dog Door in a Brick Wall?

Dog entries don't have to be installed in human entries. When you're looking around for an installation location, an exterior wall might be the perfect option. Yes, it is possible to install a dog entry in a brick wall—but it requires specialized masonry tools such as a hammer drill and reciprocating saw.

Any wall installation in Arlington also requires expertise to avoid damaging electrical or plumbing components. While you can probably get a panel installed in your glass patio entry without too much fuss, an exterior wall installation is going to require the help of a handyman service professional.

Can You Put a Cat Flap in Interior Walls?

Absolutely! You may be wondering why that would be necessary, but if you have a cat who is mortally offended by the sight of a closed door, you already know. You want your privacy when you're in your bedroom or office, for example, but there's no such thing as privacy from a determined cat. With cat flaps installed in your interior walls, you can keep the door shut and avoid having your cat constantly meowing and scratching to be let in.

Did you know? The famed scientist Sir Isaac Newton coined the term "cat flap" when he invented the first pet entry for his feline friend.

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