Do Window Insulation Kits Work? Explanation + Cost To Install

Window insulated with a window insulation film kit.

Quick answer: Window insulation kits provide an extra layer to windows that helps regulate your home’s temperature so it feels warmer, reduce glare, and block UV rays.

There are many benefits to living in an older house. Many homeowners covet unique layouts and vintage features, but once colder weather hits, many realize they’re not prepared for the drafty windows. After searching for DIY insulation situations, you may be left wondering, “Do window insulation kits work?”

Luckily, they do, and they’re a relatively inexpensive fix for drafty windows. Keep reading to learn how to insulate your windows for winter so you can stay comfortable all year.

How Do Window Insulation Kits Work? 

Window insulation kits use a thin layer of plastic to create an airtight seal between the window and the inside of your home. Drafty windows have small gaps between the frame, sill, and glass that you may only notice when the temperature drops. Window insulation kits seal the entire window and frame to keep the cold air out.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Window Insulation Film? 

Window insulation kits typically cost about $10 to $20 per square foot for the kit and about $8 to $12 per square foot for installation labor. The total price to install window insulation film will vary based on the size and type of window you’re insulating, the number of windows, and the geographic location of the building. Compared to the cost of replacing windows, using a film insulation kit is much less expensive.

Window Insulation Kit Pros and Cons

Window insulation film is a lower-cost alternative to replacing your windows, but it’s not without problems. Below, we’ll discuss the major advantages and disadvantages of using an insulation kit.


  • Inexpensive: Window insulation kits are much less expensive than the labor and materials required to replace windows.
  • Lower utility bills: Better window insulation can lower the cost of heating the building.
  • Energy-efficient: When your windows are better insulated, your heating and cooling systems work more efficiently.
  • Reduces glare: The added layer of window insulation film can reduce glare without blocking natural light.
  • UV protection: Most window insulation films provide extra protection from the sun’s UV rays.


  • Limited compatibility: Window insulation kits work best on single-pane windows and may fog up double-pane windows. It also may not be a suitable alternative to window repair.
  • Not weatherproof: The seal on the insulation film can block wind but not water. If leaks are a concern, it’s not a suitable solution.
  • Tricky application: It’s possible to install window insulation film yourself, but it’s difficult to achieve a smooth finish without professional help.
  • Voided warranty: Some types of window insulation film will void your window’s warranty, so be sure to double-check before installation.

Window Insulation Kit Tips 

Image recounts our tips for proper window insulation kit installation.

If you’re looking for a DIY solution, window insulation kits can be a bit tricky, but they’re certainly easier than window installation. Here are some expert tips to properly install window insulation film:

  • Clean the windows as you normally would before starting installation.
  • Clean the areas around the window where you’ll use tape to secure the film with rubbing alcohol.
  • Purchase extra insulation film to account for any imperfect trimming.
  • Don’t tape the film too taut before heating.
  • Ensure there are no wrinkles in the tape for a smoother finish.
  • Hold the hair dryer a couple of inches away from the film for the best results. 

Lean on the Professionals To Install Window Insulation

Sealing up the windows for winter is a great way to make your living space more comfortable and cut down on your heating costs. This is just one very inexpensive way to weatherproof your home. Window insulation kits work — but they can be tricky to install correctly.

Request service today and trust Mr. Handyman to help install your window insulation this winter and create a more energy-efficient, eco-friendly home.