Home Storage & Shelving Units: Five Cool Ideas for Your Home

Built-in cabinetry remains a common sight in the kitchen and bathrooms, but other areas in the house can also benefit from the additional storage. And when built by an expert carpenter , these attractive units also serve as furniture pieces. Consider these five cool storage ideas, then give Mr. Handyman a call to discuss adding one to your home:

Storage in Laundry Room
Laundry, while not the most unpleasant household chore, remains a chore. Beautify your surroundings and improve organization in your laundry room with built-in cabinetry.

Imagine this: a cabinetry unit that frames your washer and dryer on the sides and top. Supplies, such as detergent and fabric softener, go in cabinets above, while open shelves on the side hold other laundry-related items. At the bottom, bins for darks and lights allow you to store dirty clothes out of sight, and a tall thin section has just enough room for your ironing board.

Entertainment Center in Living Room
You might not think you need as much storage space, now that you've switched to a flat-screen TV, digital music and movies, but the need remains for a focal point in the room. What better way to achieve such an eye-catching area than with built-in cabinetry filled with entertainment-themed items?

Imagine this: a custom-built cabinetry piece with a center section for your TV, plus sections on each side for storage and display. Old-fashioned film reels sit on shelves beside favorite books you just couldn't imagine reading online. Striking black-and-white photos of family and friends mingle with entertainment-based keepsakes, such as framed tickets to a memorable concert. Not only will the cabinets and shelves store these items, the pieces themselves will serve as conversation starters when you have guests over.

Desk for Home Office
With telecommuting on the rise, more homeowners are turning the spare bedroom into an office. This allows you to shut the door at the end of the day and leave work behind, which proves impossible if your desk sits in the living room or master bedroom.

Imagine this: a built-in desk unit with a narrow profile, leaving you space to move around in what typically measures as the smallest room. Cabinetry on each side hides a printer, scanner and other computer equipment, while open shelving allows for easy access to files containing often needed documents. For those who also use the office as a guest room, Mr. Handyman can build the desktop behind doors , allowing you to hide and secure your work area.

Pet Room under the Stairs
Dogs and cats deserve their own space, and built-in cabinetry under a staircase creates a den-like setting that also allows you to keep them from being underfoot when guests visit.

Imagine this: the empty space becomes a room for Spot, complete with comfy bed and gate across the opening that allows him to see out when closed. A cabinet on one side stores items he does not need access to, such as leashes and treats, while an open cubby on the other side contains a bin he can easily stick his head into to find a favorite toy.

Bar in Man Cave
For lucky homeowners with space for a dedicated man cave, a built-in bar unit can provide storage in style.

Imagine this: a corner unit with cabinet for mini-fridge and shelves above for nonperishable libations and glassware. You can even install a sink and ice maker if desired, for the ultimate man cave bar.

Mr. Handyman can bring any of these built-in cabinetry ideas to life in materials that complement your existing furniture and décor.