Basement Storage and Organization Ideas

Basement Storage Ideas

Is your basement a cold, drab space that's just filled with random stuff? Does laundry, Christmas decorations, old/broken furniture, toys, sports equipment, dusty treadmills, unused beds, (the list could go on and on) just take up precious square footage in your home?

Then it's time to strategize and organize that basement of yours. But where do you start? Worry not! We've got a handful of handyman tips to get on your way to make your basement a usable space in your home.

  • KEEP. DONATE. TRASH. Probably the most difficult part of getting any space organized is sorting through your belongings. We recommend you have three bins and clearly mark them with KEEP, DONATE or TRASH. They don't necessariliy have to be bins, maybe just get a pile going for each category and have it clearly marked so you know which one is which. You should set clear rules about what it is that you keep, donate or throw out in the trash. For example, have you used it in the last year? Is it in good AND working condition? Why is it in the basement in the first place? Setting clear rules will make it easier for you to decide which category your items belong.
Basement Storage Ideas
  • Organizing the KEEP. Now that you've gone through all your sorting, it's time to sort some more and categorize what you kept. Some category ideas include Christmas Decorations, Sports Equipment, Pet Supplies, Toys, Photographs, Vinyl Records, etc. and put them in labeled clear plastic bins.
  • Storing the KEEP. Once "Organizing the KEEP" is completed, you may want to consider a custom storage system or custom shelving to organize your new bins. That way you can keep the bins dry, and off the ground and walls in case moisture and minor flooding issues occur.

What do you think? Are you ready to tackle your basement this weekend? Tell us your basement woes in the comments section below.