Garage Organization Ideas | Tips on Cabinets, Shelving and Sorting

Garage Storage Ideas: Install Rack, Bin and Storage Systems

Line the walls and ceiling of your garage with shelves to keep everything from holiday decorations to power tools neatly in place, and still have room for two vehicles!

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

The main purpose of a garage is to provide additional space and storage for your car and home. Make your garage work better by taking advantage of empty ceiling space and adding overhead garage storage.

Home Organization and Cleaning for Garage, Basement, Kitchen and More

Organization methods for the kitchen and laundry room apply to the garage as well. Once you have removed all items for garbage or donation, consider how extra storage can help in these rooms, too.

Organize the Garage in One Weekend!

Many homeowners are so overwhelmed with simply the thought of cleaning out the garage that it remains in disarray for years. Here's how to reclaim your garage in only one weekend, by using this simple three-step program to get your garage in order.

Garage Cabinet Ideas: Choose the Right Cabinet System

Cabinets are a great way to tame clutter. Mr. Handyman has tips on determining the space needed for cabinets, choosing a free standing or wall-mounted system and selecting the right material; wood, metal, plastic or recycling an existing cabinet.

Garage Shelf Ideas: Tips for Selecting the Right Shelving System

Using shelves strategically is a simple way to get the clutter under control, and with the many varieties of shelves on the market, it's easy to find the right shelving unit to fit your needs. We provide tips on selecting between free standing shelves, adjustable and custom built shelves so you will make the right purchase for you.

Garage Organization Ideas: Organize, Hang-it, Custom Solutions

Organizing your garage is one of the best ways to reduce clutter and create more room in the rest of your house. Mr. Handyman has a few quick tips to transform your garage into a clean and functional space.