Remodeling a Kitchen: Pictures & Design Ideas for a Kitchen Makeover

A major kitchen remodel can increase the return on investment in terms of home resale value. This recouping of costs serves as just one of the reasons to give this important room a needed makeover. Find inspiration in the following examples and information while learning how such a project can make kitchen tasks so much easier.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

If you simply don't have enough storage in your kitchen, a remodel gives you the opportunity to change that. Adding a kitchen island with storage underneath increases the shelf and drawer space in the room. It also gives you more countertops on which to prepare meals for your loved ones. Cooking can be a chore when you don't have enough room to work efficiently and without frustration. Installing a hanging pot rack also increases your storage space, as it frees up cabinet room for other items. Such a rack also can become a focal point in terms of décor, allowing you to show off shiny pots and colorful cookware. Some home chefs even reserve hooks for the drying of herbs.

Replacing vs. Refacing vs. Repainting Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets define the look of this room, making their selection one of the most important decisions of a kitchen remodeling project. If you need to add cabinetry to increase storage, you will want to replace existing cabinets to ensure a consistent look. Cabinets that offer adequate storage can simply be refaced or repainted, which also costs less.

In these before and after photos, the homeowner simply refaced the cabinets, removing the upper railing and adding new doors, drawers, and hardware.

Here, the homeowner opted for a new floor instead of replacing or refacing cabinets.

Whether replacing or refacing, consider switching to glass-front cabinetry to improve not only the look of your kitchen but the convenience factor. You will more quickly find what you need, while also allowing glassware and other items to contribute to the décor in the room from behind the glass. You need not use glass fronts on all cabinets, though, as certain collections of items might be too messy for display.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink

Two main factors should be considered when selecting a sink for a kitchen remodel: usage and look. Stainless steel sinks provide durability, resisting heat and cleaning easily, and complement a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Get the lowest-gauge stainless steel sink you can afford, as the lower the number, the thicker the material used. Thicker stainless steel resists dents, scratches, and stains better than thinner steel. Also, look for models that feature sound-absorption technology to keep noise to a minimum when using the sink. Ceramic kitchen sinks come in many attractive options, allowing you to add yet another design element to the room. Keep in mind, though, that ceramic can chip or crack if not treated with care. If you tend to toss pots and pans into the sink, ceramic might not be your best option. Whichever material you choose for your sink, consider adding a backsplash to frame it and the surround countertops in style. The application in the photo below turns the backsplash into a focal point for design, and it also gives the homeowner an easy surface to clean - no more wiping splatters from paint-covered walls only to eventually remove an entire layer over time. If you plan to remodel your kitchen this year, consult your professional handyman early in the process. He or she can help you with the many structural and design decisions involved and steer you toward those that will not only increase the resale value of your home but also the convenience factor for you. This article is part of the Kitchen Remodeling series. Read more for more kitchen makeover tips from Mr. Handyman. Mr. Handyman can maintain your home to save you money. One call really does take care of everything on your to-do list. Make sure to stay on top of all your household repairs, improvements, and maintenance needs, and request service now online. Repair. Improve. Maintain. One call does it all!