Front Door Replacement or Refurbishment with Painting & Refinishing

door with windows

The front door of one's home is oftentimes the first impression guests will receive when they visit. It makes a statement about what may be found inside. Property owners often focus on their lawns and landscaping, but the front entry is important to maintain in an aesthetic manner as well.

You've taken a look from the vantage point of your front porch, and the door in front of you could definitely use some TLC. Should you attempt to repair the portal, or would you be better-off to replace the door entirely? This decision can be made effectively after assessing a few considerations:

*If the existing door is stained or painted wood, it can be sanded and re-painted/re-stained and sealed for probably a little more than one hundred dollars and a couple or few hours of elbow grease/sweat equity.

*If a steel door is in-place currently and is suffering from a few dents, rust, or fading paint, you may wish to consider installing a new exterior door with a fiberglass product rather than attempting to repair. Fiberglass doors offer the lowest maintenance when compared with wood and steel. They will not rot or warp like wood, and high-quality fiberglass doors will resist scratches and dents that are common to steel. Appearance-wise, these doors can provide the beautiful look of wood while demonstrating five times the insulation value of the natural product.

Not sure what type of door suits you? Compare wood, steel and fiberglass doors do you make the best choice for you and your home.

Replacing an entry door system altogether can run into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars depending upon the presence, type, and quantity of glass and the style and brand of hardware. This expense could also increase if the new door features an accompanying sidelite or two alongside the door itself. The presence of sidelites on one or both sides of a front door affords the entryway and front porch a more grand appearance.


A replacement project will probably require the services of a professional contractor and at least two individuals to perform the labor. The contractor should be able to purchase the new door system at a discounted price and pass some of his/her savings along to you. Precise field measurements are required to ensure that the desired door will fit within the existing framing. The contractor will be able to determine whether a new load-bearing "header" is required to be built to accommodate the new door.

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