How to Create an Accent Wall

Bedroom with wallpaper accent wall
Creating an accent wall is an effective yet inexpensive way to add character to a room. First, you must choose which wall you want to emphasize. This is usually the wall with the most architectural interest or where the furniture is facing. The accent wall should already catch your attention, and by adding a pop of color or texture, you emphasize it even more.

Here are some great accent wall tips to use in any room in your home:

Paint the Wall a Different Color

The simplest way to make one wall stand out from the rest is to paint it a different color. Not sure what color to choose? You can be as safe or as bold as you want! One idea is to pick a color featured in the floor rug, throw pillows, or other accents in the room and paint the wall this hue. Try painting stripes or other shapes for an even more dramatic change!

Hang Some Cool Wallpaper

If you use it on every wall, wallpaper can quickly become overstimulating. However, it’s perfect to create an accent wall that stands out from the others. Wallpaper colors and patterns are nearly endless, from pink floral to modern geometric to metallic gold.

Install Wall Decals

Similar to wallpaper, decals are applied directly to the wall. These enhancements provide smaller accents than wallpaper and allow you to customize the exact look you want. Geometric shapes, tree branches, and even phrases are available in sticker form, making them easier to apply and remove than wallpaper.

Cover the Wall in Wood

Do you like the country barn look? Maybe you don’t want the entire room to look like a barn, but one wall covered in wood makes the perfect accent. Your options here vary widely, from nailing up reclaimed scrap wood to covering the wall in white shiplap and to installing vinyl wall coverings that look like wood. It all depends on your tastes and what’s available to you.

Add Texture with Wainscoting

Traditionally, wainscoting only extends up the wall to about waist height. However, you can cover an entire accent wall with this paneling to give it a unique texture and make it stand out as the obvious accent wall. Keep the wainscoting a traditional white or paint it an accent color to suit your tastes.

Install Custom Shelving

Built-in shelves don’t just add texture and interest to an accent wall – they also serve a functional purpose. Consider painting the wall before you hang custom shelves. Then, fill the shelves with books, family photos, decorative keepsakes, or storage bins. If the room has a fireplace, surround it with built-in shelves, and finish off this accent wall with a custom mantel as a beautiful centerpiece.

Hang Pictures

You might create a collage of family photos, canvas paintings, and inspirational phrases printed on wood. You can also hang one large piece of art or a series of two or three oversized photographs for a nice, clean look. Hanging pictures on a painted or textured wall makes it an even more apparent accent wall.

Get Help Creating the Perfect Accent Wall

If you love the idea of an accent wall, but you don’t have the tools, skills, or time to create one, Mr. Handyman can help! Our drywall services include painting, wallpaper hanging, shiplap and wainscoting installation, custom shelving, picture hanging, and more. In short, we offer everything you need to create the perfect accent wall in your living room.

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