Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards for Your Home

Red and yellow parrot perched on a roofAre you among the thousands of North American homeowners who must clean fallen leaves out of their rain gutters—or pay someone else to clean their gutters—every spring and autumn? If so, you might be on the lookout for a better option.

What about gutter guards? This could be a great way to keep your gutters flowing smoothly with no need to clean them twice a year. If you’re wondering whether this product is worth it, just consider the benefits and gutter guard installation options available to you.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

Gutter covers come in a variety of styles from several manufacturers. No matter which type you opt for, you’re essentially installing a filter over your gutters that allows water to flow through while keeping leaves, pine needles, and other debris out. This gutter filtering system offers many benefits:

  • Reduce the need to clean your gutters: No one likes climbing up a precarious ladder to scoop gunk out of a gutter. While no gutter guard is completely maintenance-free, most systems prevent a majority of leaves and debris from entering your gutters, cutting back the cleaning schedule from twice annually to perhaps once every year or two.
  • Prevent damage caused by clogged gutters: Ordinary gutters clog quite easily, which allows water to flow down your home’s siding. At the very least, this causes unsightly watermarks. At the very worst, water flows into your home through cracks around windows and doors and damages the foundation. Gutter guard installation prevents clogs and therefore stops this damage from occurring.
  • Protect your gutters: Clogs don’t just threaten your siding and foundation—they can also damage the gutters themselves. The weight of all that water and debris can weigh the gutter down, causing it to pull away from the house and come crashing to the ground—or through a window.
  • Prevent rusting: Even if the water in your gutters isn’t enough to weigh them down, the lingering moisture caused by a clog can cause rust-prone troughs to corrode. Over time, the damage may cause a hole to form in your gutters, leading to premature replacement.

Gutter Guard Installation Options & Costs

Gutter covers are divided into three categories: mesh screens, inserts, and reverse curves. The best type for you depends on where you live, the type of foliage around your house, and the pitch of your roof.

The cost of professionally installed gutter guards depends on what product you choose and who you hire to perform the installation. Basic-quality components start at about $5 per foot, mid-range covers are around $8 to $12 per foot, and high-end gutter guards can run up to $18 to $20 per foot.

The costs also vary depending on any challenges that arise during the installation process. For example, gutter guards cost less if you live in a one-story home with long, straight gutters compared to a multi-story home with lots of corners.

Install Gutter Guards This Fall

As you look over your fall to-do list, consider assigning gutter cleaning and repair and gutter guard installation to Mr. Handyman.

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