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We know just how easy it is for your to-do list to get out of hand quickly – and it’s far too easy for gutters to take a backseat to the more pressing issues around your home. Unfortunately, avoiding or putting these essential maintenance tasks off for too long can lead to bigger problems for your home. Taking advantage of professional gutter repair or gutter cleaning services can help clear leaves, twigs, and other sediment that can damage your gutters and cause issues with the foundation of your home.

Damaged or clogged gutters don’t properly redirect water. This can cause major damage to your home’s drywall, roof, basement, foundation soffits, and fascia. Over time, it can cause even more damage to the gutters themselves.

Protect your home by contacting the home improvement professionals at your local Mr. Handyman for expert gutter repair and replacement services.

A Mr. Handyman technician fixing a gutter.

Gutter Repair and Gutter Installation Service

Most gutter installation companies only handle gutters. When you hire Mr. Handyman, you get more than just professional gutter installation.

When we arrive on the job, we’ll assess your gutters, inspect for damage, and, if needed, repair any damage to your home’s soffits, fascia, siding, and more to prevent further damage. We also have the experience and expertise to take care of any other tasks required to help you keep your home in great shape.

Tips for Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

The importance of performing gutter-cleaning maintenance cannot be overstated. While it’s safer and easier to have our experts do it for you, you may feel like taking on a DIY gutter cleaning project yourself.

Some DIY gutter cleaning tips:

  • Equip yourself with the right tools – a sturdy ladder (make sure it is secured), a putty knife/blade, and work gloves.
  • Use a good garden hose to test the flow and direction of water once the gutters have been cleaned out completely.
  • Identify the areas of your gutter that are the most prone to clogging, then plot your path.
  • Never use the gutters to support your weight, and don’t hang anything from them.

Gutter guards are a great way to protect your gutters from falling leaves, twigs, and other debris that can clog and damage them. Your local Mr. Handyman service professionals are happy to install gutter guards for you, which will help reduce the maintenance and costs required to keep them operating efficiently.

Gutter Repair FAQ:

How do you repair a leaky or damaged gutter?

The first step in repairing a damaged gutter is to identify the problem. Gutters will often leak because of small holes, which you can fix with plastic roofing cement. If the holes are larger, adding a piece of flashing on top of the plastic roofing cement creates a better seal, which can stop the leak. Other fixes include adding new caulking to gutter joints that have started leaking or replacing a gutter joint.

Fixing your gutters can be a daunting and frustrating job, especially when the work requires standing on a ladder several feet off the ground. For easy gutter repair fixes, your local Mr. Handyman offers gutter cleaning service and repair that makes getting the job done a lot easier.

How do you repair a gutter joint?

The easiest way to repair a gutter joint is by removing the gutter connection and cleaning the joint with a wire brush. Sometimes debris builds up in the seals, which can cause a leak. If the joint fitting is too worn down, it might be time to replace the joint altogether. After you fix or replace a gutter joint, make sure you run water through it to ensure that it is properly sealed and not leaking. If you’d rather leave the gutter repair to the experts, contact the professionals at Mr. Handyman for the best gutter repair service in your area.

Can you replace part of a gutter?

Yes, most gutter systems are built using several interconnected sections, which makes gutter repair to a specific section a little easier. However, it’s important to ensure your replacement gutter section fits your existing system. If you are replacing a gutter joint, confirm the new piece matches the specifications of the damaged (replacement) section.

If needed, contact your current gutter manufacturer to get the replacement section to ensure an exact match. You can also reach out to your local Mr. Handyman for expert gutter repair service. We can help you get the new gutter pieces you need and install them too! We can also install gutter guards to further protect your system and reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance needed in the future.

How much does it cost to replace gutters around the house?

The cost of replacing gutters on your house can vary depending on where you live and the type of gutters you want. The average cost in the U.S. is $7 to $13 per linear foot, which means a gutter installation job can run between $800 and $4,400. If you want to replace your gutters with a more expensive option, higher-end such as copper gutters can cost as much as $22 per linear foot.

Need help determining the right gutters for you? Contact your local Mr. Handyman regarding gutter repair service and installation. After we complete your gutter project, we can help with other tasks around the house.

If you need help repairing your gutters, give Mr. Handyman a call. Our gutter professionals have years of experience fixing gutter systems. We can help you get your gutters back working like they’re supposed to with expert gutter repair.