Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Knobs & Hinges for a Fresh Update

Last Edited: 9/15/23

Kitchen cabinet handles
Get the feeling that your kitchen is looking a little drab? If a full renovation isn’t in your budget, there are a few minor changes that can get a lot of mileage toward sprucing up the look of your space. One low-cost kitchen improvement project that can liven up your space is replacing kitchen cabinet knobs.

Available in a variety of styles and options, kitchen cabinet hardware can make a big impression with a modest budget. Not sure how to go about changing hardware or replacing cabinet hinges? Start by considering your options. Here are a few textures and shapes to consider for your kitchen cabinet knobs and hardware:

  • The Brass Section – Integrating brass knobs into your kitchen cabinets can add some classical flair with modern undertones. This hardware is highly adaptable to numerous styles, making them a good choice for an easy upgrade!
  • Hammer Time – On the opposite side of the spectrum, hammered steel knobs and handles provide a pleasant rustic aesthetic. Pair with natural wood tones to really bring out the rural feel.
  • Back in Black – Slim black drawer pulls can be an elegant and subtle pairing for kitchen cabinetry. Contrasted on clean white cabinetry is a classic look that’s hard to beat.
  • Get in Shape – Venturing to shapes outside the traditional round knobs can add some needed accents to an otherwise bland space. Hexagon-shaped knobs or other polygon styles can be a sly nod toward the modern geometric look.
  • Take It Slow – More function than fashion, adding slow close cabinet hinges can really enhance your kitchen. Easy to install and an instant upgrade, these hinges will add tranquility to and spell the end of slamming cabinet doors.

Replacing Cabinet Hinges

Changing out kitchen cabinet knobs is a great start, but don’t forget to match your new look with the cabinet door hinges. Complement your renovated kitchen knobs and complete the look by replacing the cabinet hinges, as well. For an added boost of functionality consider adding slow-close cabinet hinges. The bane of slamming cabinet doors, these easy-to-install hinges will instantly upgrade the tranquility and feel of your kitchen.

Adding Hardware to Kitchen Cabinets

In addition to being a relatively low-cost upgrade, changing out kitchen cabinet hardware does not require much time or materials. To change out kitchen cabinet hardware you will likely need only a screwdriver, drill and screwdriver bit, and possibly a drill bit for pilot holes. Avoid tapping pilot holes (and patching old ones) by purchasing new cabinet hardware that aligns with the same mounting holes as the preexisting ones. (Bring an old hinge with you to the hardware store to match.) To install the new hardware, simply unscrew the existing hardware with a screwdriver or drill, place the new hardware in its place and screw it back in. Voila! New cabinet hardware!

Professional Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re looking to spruce up the look of your kitchen, changing out cabinet hardware can have a surprising effect with minimal cost and effort. If you’re looking for something a little more drastic, talk to your local Mr. Handyman about remodeling your kitchen. Call Mr. Handyman us today or request service online.