Where Do You Put a TV in a Living Room with a Fireplace?

Cozy living room with fireplace and wall mounted TV.
Decorating and furniture placement is usually more of an art than a science, but placing your television in a room that also has a fireplace can challenge that notion. The television, you see, is different from other pieces in how you interact with it. You cannot just have it in the right general area like a side table; it must be placed so it’s comfortable to use as you want. You know the fireplace isn’t moving either, so the TV must be placed for maximum usability. Here are a few ideas for accomplishing functional TV placement in a living room with a fireplace.

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Is there space on the adjacent wall, perpendicular to the fireplace? Even if you have to rearrange the other furniture, this plan can work well because it provides a natural balance between the television and the fireplace. Both elements carry substantial visual weight and they can work to draw the eye to that side of the room. This layout often looks the most polished of all options.


If a perpendicular isn’t an option, consider putting your TV opposite the fireplace. This arrangement creates two spaces in one room. Instead of sharing space, the two functional areas each get a separate space. This configuration works well for rooms that need to accommodate larger families and more people. It’s fun to get creative with this idea. Maybe you’d like to enjoy eating dinner by the fire sometimes, so place the dining table next to the fireplace. This arrangement can create a dramatic effect.

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If wall space is limited, consider placing the TV above the fireplace. You’ll need a special TV mount to ensure the TV is held securely in place. There are two main types of TV mounts: tilting and full motion. The type for you just depends on how you’ll use it. Do you want to change the viewing angle both vertically and horizontally? If so, get a full-motion mount. If not, a tilting mount will be fine. Some people criticize this option, as they feel the fireplace and TV are both focal points, and this layout makes them compete. Maybe so, but it also is a very efficient use of space.


After trying a few different configurations you might come to the conclusion that the best place for the TV is in the corner of the room. Sometimes a corner placement is a perfect spot because it provides the widest viewing angle. Placing your TV in the corner of the room can also provide a better option for placing a cabinet or small media center to store video games, DVDs, board games, and so on. So if some of the other options don’t appeal to you, a corner placement could be just the right fit.

How to Choose the Best Spot

Choosing the best spot to place your TV in a room with a fireplace can be a tough decision. The first step is deciding if you want to place your TV next to your fireplace or keep them separate. There is no wrong or right answer. It’s really a matter of personal preference. If you’re unsure of where to start, go back to the tips above and rule them out one by one until you find a choice that works for you.

If you’ve decided on wall mounting your TV, you may want to call a pro like Mr. Handyman. A smart TV is a big investment and mounting them correctly and securely can be tricky. Once you decide where to put your TV, the last thing you want is for it to come crashing down. Your local Mr. Handyman has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to get the job done right.