How to Cat-Proof Your House

Are you preparing to welcome a new furry family member into your home? Even what appear to be minor things, such as picking up small pieces of jewelry or craft supplies, will need to be done regularly to protect your newest family member. Other things like having a cat-proof carpet installed might require you to call in the pros, but the benefits will last longer than a day or two.

Make Your Home Cat-Friendly

When it comes to cat-proofing your house, sometimes it’s about adding elements, but other times, it’s about removing them.

Pet-Safe Plants

First, remove toxic plants.

Loving a new little kitty doesn’t mean giving up the greenery in your home altogether. Plenty of great cat-safe alternatives, such as spider plants, cat grass, or catnip can continue to liven up your space, while providing a safe haven for your newcomer.

Be Mindful of Cords

Long blind cords, electrical cords, and anything dangling is an invitation to explore and have some fun for these curious creatures. They may also pose a threat to your feline friend. Cats are always on the prowl for new things to play with around the home. They think these things are excellent playthings and However, they run the risk of getting tangled and stuck, especially young, inexperienced cats. If your kitten is a chewer, be mindful of exposed electrical cords and be sure to tuck them away and out of sight.

Keep Your Cat Occupied with Toys

It’s always a good idea to keep plenty of cat toys throughout your home so your curious, playful kitten stays busy and out of trouble. When your cat is entertained by items appropriate for them, they will be less likely to get themselves into trouble by playing with (and potentially destroying) other items.

Help Your Cat Reach New Heights

Cats love to climb and perch themselves up high so they can survey the entire room.  This also provides them with a sense of security. Installing cat wall furniture or a cat perch will help satisfy their need to climb and provide a sense of security. Provide your pet with a comfortable space that also allows them to release energy in an appropriate way for them.

Cat wall furniture comes in a variety of styles and sizes to effortlessly blend with your decor. Things like hammocks, perches, and shelves will provide your curious kitty with its own playground that is both safe and functional. If your kitten is curious (and what cat isn't), install a hammock or perch near a window so it can keep up with what’s going on in your neighborhood.

There are several reasons why cats love to scratch. This ritual helps mark and define their territory, helps them release excess energy, conditions their claws, while removing frayed and worn outer ones, exposing new, sharper ones. A well placed wall scratcher is a must-have for any cat parent. This pad can be secured to your wall to give your kitten somewhere to scratch away – that isn’t your couch! Some wall scratchers also feature balls and other toys to provide added entertainment.

Give Your Cat Some Fresh Air with A Balcony Mesh

A properly installed balcony mesh is excellent for allowing your cat to be outside on your balcony without running the risk of them climbing through openings or taking a fall while pursuing a bird or other creature. Cats are curious creatures who are born to hunt. When presented with an opportunity, their natural instincts kick in and personal safety goes out the window, sometimes literally. If you’re worried about your kitty cat falling through stair railings or just want to keep them out of certain spaces, you can install balcony mesh for cats in those areas too.

Need a Partner to Create Your Cat-Friendly Home?

Cats are fun, curious, relatively easy pets to welcome into your home. While many cats become very self-sufficient over time, their initial introduction into a strange, new environment requires some planning and modifications to ensure a safe, healthy, and engaging environment. Before you welcome your new furry friend home, call your local Mr. Handyman® to help with pet-friendly modifications and upgrades that will help you create the purr-fect (sorry, we couldn’t resist) home for your new addition. Our friendly, experienced team of local pros can help cat-proof your home. All of our projects are backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise™ to ensure your complete satisfaction.

FAQ on How to Cat-Proof Your House

I live in an apartment but still want my cat to be able to go outside. Can you help me cat-proof my balcony?

Yes! We can install balcony mesh for cats - even in your rental property. We can cat-proof your balcony in a manner that doesn’t damage your walls or railing. This way, there are no repairs required when you are ready to remove it.

How long does it take to cat-proof a house?

How long it takes to cat-proof your home will depend on the number of modifications that are needed. Often, you can cat-proof your home in just a few hours. For the most accurate estimate, contact your local handyman to discuss your specific needs and situation.