Things To Know If You Are Planning For Shower Remodel

Is there anything more relaxing than hopping in a nice, warm shower at the end of a long workday? Or perhaps you prefer to start your mornings off with a quick rinse to prepare for the day. In either case, your shower goes beyond keeping you clean. With a beautiful shower remodel your mental health could improve too.

Is your shower just not right for what we need? Maybe it's outdated and the fixtures are ugly. Perhaps it's showing signs of age and rust. Or maybe, it's not suited for your changing needs. For instance, perhaps stepping over a bathtub is getting increasingly difficult as you age. Or maybe you never use the bath at all and would prefer a walk-in shower. We've all been there.

There are many reasons why you might consider a shower remodel—to increase your comfort, boost the aesthetic of the space or to reconfigure the area for your changing needs. Whatever the case may be, our team at Mr. Handyman of Nashville and Hendersonville are equipped with the skills, expertise and experience to bring your dream space to life. We know what it takes — and which questions to ask — to complete a perfect shower remodel.

1. What Needs Should Your Shower Remodel Meet?

Before starting your shower remodel project, it's important to establish what you need out of the renovation. If the purpose is purely aesthetic, it's a good idea to do your research and have a clear vision of the style you want to achieve. Spend some time scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest to gain inspiration. You can print out your favorite images and place them in a folder your contractor can access or save them to your phone. A picture is truly worth a thousand words, and it will be much easier for your Mr. Handyman technician to know what your vision is if you can present pictures.

Also, consider what your practical needs are. Are grab bars and tub liners a must if you're planning on aging in place, or if an elderly relative has come to live with you? Have you always wanted steam showers so you can relax after a busy week? Or perhaps you want to install a shower in your powder room so it can be a functional guest bathroom?

2. Build Niches for Storage

This tip is especially helpful if you don't have much storage space, or if you're tired of putting your shampoo and face wash on the floor. While renovating your bathroom, why not add a niche to the shower wall? Bath racks can rust over time or take up too much space if your bathroom is narrow. Adding a niche is useful, easy to clean and it won't come crashing to the ground each time you reach for the soap.

3. Time to Upgrade Your Tile

It almost goes without saying, but one of the best parts of any shower remodel is replacing tile. Perhaps the colors are no longer in style or the grout looks worn-out or dingy. Maybe there is damage to the original tile and you need shower tile repair? Whatever your situation may be, our remodel pros will remove and replace tile so your bathroom looks good as new!

Tile is a beautiful material made in a variety of colors, textures, and tile patterns. Whether you want a clean, modern look with white tile or a luxurious glass backsplash, there are options for every remodel.

Materials We Work With:

  • Porcelain & ceramic tile

  • Luxury materials like glass

  • Synthetic tile like vinyl & laminate

  • Natural stone, including granite & slate

Pro Tip: Replace Old Grout

If you still like your original tile but feel like it could use a little pick-me-up, then your best remodel option might be to replace the grout. This is a minor job for a remodel, but it's sure to refresh the appearance of your space.

4. Make Use of Natural Light

In any bathroom, natural light improves the look and feel of the space. Perhaps you already have a window in the room, in which case you could simply place a mirror on the opposite wall. This will bounce light back into the room, making it feel brighter and more open.

If you don't have a window in the bathroom, you could always install one! Why not put a textured or sandblasted window in the bathroom. You can enjoy the natural light while maintaining privacy. If your shower is not against an exterior wall, why not install a skylight instead?

5. Shower Door Installation

Shower curtains are increasingly becoming a thing of the past, and for good reason. Glass doors are more luxurious, easier to keep clean and can contribute to boosting the resale value of your home. Installing a glass door will help elevate the look of your shower remodel without undertaking a costly renovation. Also, if you've chosen to install a window or skylight, that new door will let light illuminate the whole space even more!

6. Replace Shower Heads & Faucets

Outdated fixtures are one of the surest ways to make your bathroom look dingy, old-fashioned, or unattractive. And it's such an easy fix to replace them! Our expert technicians can easily swap out your rusted, damaged, or just plain ugly fixtures and install brand-new ones perfectly suited to your sense of style. Not to mention, there are so many amazing features with modern shower heads and faucets, you can really add a touch of luxury to your space with a quick bathroom remodel.

Pro Tip: Efficient Shower Heads

A great way to save on your energy bill and do good to the environment is to invest in an energy efficient head. These models reduce the amount of water you use, which is less wasteful and will work wonders on your water bill.

7. Replace Old Caulk

Usually made out of silicone, caulk is what prevents water from leaking between your bath and the wall. It may seem like only a small thing—after all, it is just a thin strip of sealant—but caulk is very important. It prevents otherwise devastating water damage from seeping throughout your home.

However, caulk tends to last only around five years. Naturally, around that time it will need to be replaced—a simple task that any of our experts can complete on your behalf. Moreover, an added benefit to replacing old caulk is that it will help your tiled area pop by looking clean, tidy, and like-new. With minimal effort, your entire space can look revitalized.

Are You Ready for a Remodel?

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