FAQs On Window Replacement In Hendersonville

A handyman using a crowbar to remove a window from its frame before installing a replacement window.

Windows have a huge part to play in making our modern houses livable, attractive, and pleasant. Imagine life without them — no views, no natural light, no fresh breezes, and no checking out the neighborhood from the comfort of your home. As long as humans have had glass, we have looked for ways to add more beauty and visibility to our homes. One easy way for local homeowners is with professional window replacement in Hendersonville.

Windows aren't always all they're cracked up to be (pun intended). When they are in rough shape, they can cause serious problems for homeowners and make your home less safe and comfortable, not to mention put a strain on your bank account. That is why there are so many advantages to hiring a professional handyman for window replacement in Hendersonville

If you are considering whether window replacement is the right move for your property in E Nashville and Hendersonville or nearby areas of Tennessee, you may have some questions on your mind. This guide provides answers to frequently asked questions with expert advice from the Hendersonville handyman professionals at Mr. Handyman of E. Nashville and Hendersonville. Our team of experts has ample experience with window replacement in Hendersonville and a wide variety of other reliable handyman services.

Is Window Replacement Worth the Cost?

Your windows don't seem THAT bad — meaning they aren't a pile of smashed glass on your floor — so a window replacement project may not be very high up on your priority list. But there are some huge benefits of replacement windows that make them well worth the initial expense. Replacement services could net you significant energy savings, offer a solid return on investment if you are planning on selling your house, and make you more comfortable and safe in your home — which is priceless.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Your heating and cooling costs are likely the biggest expense on your monthly utility bills because your HVAC system uses a considerable amount of energy to maintain the temperature at your home in E. Nashville and Hendersonville. But those efforts are undermined by old or deteriorated windows, which let in air drafts that change the temperature in your house and force your HVAC system to operate for longer periods to keep your home at the temperature set on the thermostat. That drives up the energy bill, and you end up paying a lot more than you would if you had energy efficient units.

The benefits from energy efficiency aren't just financial — keeping your home running efficiently also reduces the strain on resources, making it a lot more environmentally friendly. When shopping for products that relate to energy use and energy loss, look for Energy Star options. Energy Star is a program run jointly by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to provide information and certification for various home products, including windows.

Increase Your Property Value in Hendersonville

If you want to sell your house and are looking for ways to raise the value of your property before the sale, this is one of the exterior home renovations that can strongly impact your curb appeal to help convince prospective buyers in Hendersonville to seal the deal. While all the attractive options available for replacements can enhance your property’s visual qualities, keep in mind that real estate agents will always be sure to point out new units to their clients. It is a huge selling point because it reassures new buyers that they won't have to deal with the problems that old, damaged windows can cause.

Make Your Home Safer and More Comfortable

Have you ever gotten a warm beverage, then sat down to gaze out the window to enjoy the moment — only to get up immediately and move because it was so cold right beside the glass? Cold air drafts in winter and warm drafts in summer make living in your home less comfortable and pleasant.

Damaged frames can also let excess moisture from outside into the interior of your walls. That built-up moisture and water damage encourage mildew and mold growth, a nasty problem that compromises air quality in your home poses a health hazard to you and your family and requires expensive water damage mitigation.

Do I Need Repairs or Window Replacement?

The age-old repair or replace question is one we hear frequently, and it is a reasonable thing to ask. You don't want to go all the way to a full replacement if all you need are minor repairs. In our experience, the key factor to consider is whether replacement will be more cost-effective than a repair. If the damage is widespread, or the problem is related to window parts that are difficult to replace on their own, a replacement will cost less, and the result will be more attractive, durable, and long-lasting.

When Repair is Likely Sufficient

  • Insects such as mosquitoes, beetles, termites, or ants get in through torn screens
  • Unit is difficult to open or close because the sash is broken, the hinges are rusty, or it has been painted shut.
  • There is a lot of noise coming into the house from outdoors, even when windows are shut.
  • Caulking around the unit is coming loose or peeling off.
  • Paint or wood stain is flaking and peeling off the frame and sill.

What Are the Different Types of Window Replacement?

There are two main approaches when it comes to window replacement: full-frame installation or pocket installation. Full-frame replacement is pretty much what it sounds like — the entire package is removed, including frame, sash, and glass, and we will install a whole new package. With pocket replacement, we just remove the glass panes and sash (along with muntins and mullions, if your unit has them) and insert new ones into an existing frame.

Is Full-Frame Installation Better Than Pocket Installation?

That depends. There are pros and cons to both options. If the existing frame is square, level, and in sound condition, pocket installation is a less expensive choice that should adequately meet your needs. One downside to pocket replacements is that they reduce the surface area of the glass, sometimes by as much as two or three inches.

What Are the Signs I Need Window Replacement in Hendersonville?

Now you know the symptoms that can be corrected by repair, but you are probably wondering about some specific examples of damage that do warrant replacement. Here are some signs that your home in Hendersonville needs replacement services.

Damaged Glass

If panes of glass are cracked or smashed, that is the classic sign of window damage that needs to be taken care of, ideally before cold weather arrives. There is nothing that can adequately replace a window aside from, well, another window, so in this situation, replacement is inevitable.

Major Leaks or Storm Damage

Your handyman could repair a minor leak by resealing inside the window frame, but if a substantial amount of water is coming in through leaky windows, either from wear and tear over time or because they suffered damage from a storm or other harsh weather, replacement makes the most sense. Repairs would be extensive and ultimately not as secure or effective as a new installation.

Rotten Frame, Sill, or Sash

Wooden window frames and other parts surrounding glass panes are particularly vulnerable to wood rot, a form of decay caused by fungi that thrive in timber with a moisture content of 20% or higher. It causes wood to soften and crumble apart, leaving your house unprotected against air drafts, water damage, and insect or rodent invasion.

Not sure if your timber is suffering from wood rot? Grab a flashlight and screwdriver and closely examine all wooden frames and sills for these signs:

  • Patches of wood appear to be lighter or darker than the surrounding timber or are discolored with a white, yellow, or purplish hue
  • The texture of the wood appears spongy, stringy, or webbed with cracks
  • The timber is breaking apart into cube-shaped chunks or crumbling into "sawdust"
  • In very advanced cases, there could be mushrooms sprouting from the wood

If you spot a suspicious patch, take a screwdriver and gently press it against the area. If it sinks into the wood with little or no resistance, that is definitely wood rot and needs professional attention before it spreads. When wood rot affects supportive beams and the frame of the overall house, it can create severe structural instability issues. In fact, wood rot is one big reason why gutter cleaning is critically important for homeowners in Hendersonville.

Can Wood Rot Be Repaired?

Not really. There is no way to return rotted wood fiber to its original condition, so replacement is almost always the best solution. If there are only a few tiny patches of wood rot, your handyman may be able to avoid replacement by scraping out the rotten parts and filling the holes with epoxy wood filler, then painting over it. However, that area will still be vulnerable to wood rot, and you should monitor for any further signs of it.

Single Pane of Window Glass

Suppose you have an older home in a historic district or elsewhere that still has its original, single-pane windows. In that case, you may be reluctant to get them replaced and lose some of the old-fashioned character and charm of your home in E. Nashville and Hendersonville. While that is understandable, you will be surprised by the drastic difference new, energy efficient units will make to your comfort and bank account. And because there are so many attractive options available, including styles that mimic a historic look, you don't have to compromise the appearance of your lovely old home.

Condensation Trapped Between Panes

We have all seen condensation collect on a window surface, but what happens when glass is foggy because the condensation is trapped between two panes? Insulated glass is filled with argon gas between the panes to prevent that exact problem, but if the argon gas insulation seeps out, the condensation will be unmanageable. This is a particular problem with patio doors and other glass doors, but it can affect any dual panes.

There are services to help replace the argon gas between the panes, but it is a temporary measure at best. The gas will leak out again, and the condensation will come back, so you will have repeated service calls until you finally give up and just get a replacement — which is why it is a much better idea to get a replacement right away.

What is the Cost of Window Replacement in Hendersonville?

It makes perfect sense that you want to know the cost of window replacement right now to work it into your budget. Still, several key factors that will have a big influence on overall costs, including the square footage of your house and how many units need replacement. Additional cost factors include whether you are replacing standard window sizes, the type of window and the required features. Or whether they are double-hung, single-hung or have other arrangements. How accessible is each unit’s location? Once our team of window installers has assessed your home, we will offer you an accurate price estimate for window replacement in Hendersonville.

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