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Photo of handyman holding an electric saw and boards

Ask a Pro: Using the Right Kind of "Handyman"

Q:  My friend tells me that ‘handymen’ are folks that do side work for beer money, and that I should be cautious in hiring one.  As a handyman, how do you respond to this?

A:  This is a fair question.  In truth, many handymen have this reputation because of how they run their ‘Business’.  No employees, no listed address, no license or insurance.  Your friend is correct in cautioning you in dealing with anyone who resembles this.

That said, others use the ‘handyman’ term to note that they are generalists, not a company dedicated to a particular trade (carpentry, drywall, painting, etc.).  They are licensed contractors, fully insured, and have a door you can knock on if there’s an issue.  They have a reputation to uphold and you should be much less a concerned with these companies if you find solid reviews online, or friends recommend them.