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  • Q & A - Is the Assignment of Benefits a Good Idea

    Q: As part of the insurance claim on our home, we’re being asked to sign an “Assignment of Benefits” so the contractor can work ...

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  • Q & A - Caring for Your Disposal

    Q: Is there such a thing as ‘taking care’ of my garbage disposal? A: Many consumers put just about anything in their disposal. ...

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  • Mr. Handyman cautions: Don’t let dreams become nightmares!

    We were called in to salvage an ugly situation recently. A woman had called a plumbing company for help and while talking with the ...

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  • Q & A - Caulking

    Q: My neighbor had a home inspection done and they said every window needs caulking. Our homes are of similar age. Is caulking ...

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  • Q & A - Window Shades

    Q: I’m looking at window treatments online, and some claim to cut down on energy costs. Is this possible? A: Yes, this is ...

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  • Mr. Handyman – There’s Simply No One Like Us!

    Are you ready for the Labor-Day weekend? Do you plan to spend it laboring, or doing something a bit more relaxing? I painted the ...

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  • Do Gutter Guards Work?

    Q: We’re getting new gutters for our home. They’ve given us pricing on a gutter-guard system so we’ll never have to clean our ...

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  • Mr. Handyman Breaks World Record, Talks Trade Jobs

    Mr. Handyman is a franchise concept. While our business serving greater Jacksonville is locally owned and operated (by us), there ...

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  • Inspect Before Listing Your Home

    Q: We plan to list our home for sale this fall. Any advice on things we should be thinking about now? A: Understand that most ...

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  • Mr. Handyman Asks For Your Vote

    Bold City Best Voting is well underway. In fact, voting ends this Sunday (8/4/19 @ midnight). Mr. Handyman has made the finals ...

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  • Mr. Handyman says, ‘Thank you!’ …. TWICE!

    We would like to thank all of you that voted for Mr. Handyman in the recent Bold City Best 2019 nomination round. We’ve been told ...

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  • New Mailbox Height

    Q: We need to install a new post and mailbox in front of our home. Are their specific placement requirements? A: Yes, there are. ...

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  • Mr. Handyman and Neighborly

    What’s better than a highly rated and professional Home Improvement company that can help with many needs around your home? A ...

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  • Do We Need Gutters?

    Q: We are having a new home built and one of the options is gutters. Do you recommend them? A: I do recommend gutters. Gutters are ...

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  • Why Mr. Handyman?

    While better than half our work is with repeat customers, we speak with potential new customers every day. Maybe they’ve generally ...

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