Quick Tips to Protect Your Home's Exterior

Q:  We just spent a bundle on wood repair and replacement when we had our home painted.  We understand paint doesn’t last forever, but is wood rot ‘normal’?

A:  The primary purpose of Paint and caulk is to ‘seal’ the wood exterior of your home.  If you’ve had a lot of damage, they failed.  I recommend inspecting caulk twice a year.  The sun bakes it, causing it to dry and crack, and water intrudes if you aren’t on top of things.  Other common things to look for is trees and bushes growing close to the home.  This prevents air circulation.  Ivy actually attaches itself to the home, retaining moisture and facilitating damage.  Sprinkler heads hosing down the home, fences, and deck also expedite damage.  Anything that prevents the home from drying is opening the door for mildew, algae and moisture to work together to compromise the exterior of the home.