Ask a Pro: When is a deal too good to be true?

Q: A guy knocked on our door claiming to be working in our neighborhood already and thus he could offer a “great rate.” Is this a deal?

A: This is no deal. I’ve actually seen this in my neighborhood for tree work and pressure washing. They had a ‘business card’ in hand, but a search of the internet was unable to find any such businesses listed on the BBB site, or licensed through the state.

The hope is that you are so focused on ‘getting a deal’, right there and then, that you don’t check things out. If they do work for you things may go poorly. They may damage damage your home or just leave for lunch and never return. It’s also unlikely they’ll show for warranty work after the job. If they are unlicensed and uninsured, you are unlikely to get any support from your Homeowners Insurance Company and all financial damage will be yours to cover. Beware.