Mr. Handyman Offers 10% Off to Help With Your 2018 New Year Resolutions!

It’s that time of year again, where many make New Year resolutions to quit smoking, get more exercise, learn a new language, keep up with their home ‘to do’ list and so on.

These are all great resolutions, but they often fall by the wayside. So much of our lives have an established pattern for when we rise, leave for work, who we eat lunch with, and where we do it. It’s hard to become the ‘new you’ while continuing the patterned daily routine of the past. You need to change your routine and behaviors for your New Year resolutions to succeed.

This is where I want to discuss your ‘to do’ list. Maybe you’ve generally done your own home maintenance and repair work, and even some home improvement projects. But then your home got older and required more frequent attention, your life got busier and you had less and less time to give. Adding things to your ‘to do’ list was easy, but crossing them off became harder. Now, the list is over-whelming and you need help.

As with any of your resolutions, the place to start is with help. An ally in your corner, somebody that can help you get caught up, and somebody that can keep you caught up. Once caught up you can take care of those items that you want to, but also have a trusted service partner that can take on stuff you don’t have time, or patience, for.

If your smaller issues are resolved before they become larger issues, they are both simpler and cheaper to deal with. Not only does procrastination grow your list, but the delay can cause the cumulative costs to increase as the situation deteriorates. You want to avoid this.

As a reliable and trusted one-call solution for most home maintenance, repair and home improvement needs, Mr. Handyman can be your home service partner. We can get you caught up, and we can keep you caught up. By resolving to call Mr. Handyman whenever a need arises you will remove the stress of a growing list. Dealing with issues promptly keeps cost down, and you can rest easy knowing your home is in good hands. This allows you to focus on other resolutions and the lifestyle changes required to achieve success with them.

And, as an incentive to make that resolution to get caught up on your ‘To do’ list, and to start now while your motivation is strong, Mr. Handyman is offering 10% off labor costs for projects completed in January and February of 2018 if the minimum project size is met. This is our best rate of the year and your opportunity to tackle your ‘to do’ list economically with Jacksonville’s most trusted name in home improvements. Please call to discuss your needs.

Happy New Year, and we look forward to serving your needs in 2018.