Do We Need New Grout?

Q: The grout in our shower is getting very dark, almost black, compared to when it was originally installed. Do we need new grout?

A: Most grout discolors over time due to dirt, cleaning products and foot traffic throughout your home. Poorly ventilated bathrooms have their own challenges due to the constant moisture associated with bathrooms, which allows for mold and mildew issues. Improving your ventilation helps this issue, so always run the vent fan.

If your grout is discolored, but not flaking or chipping out, I’d suggest a deep clean before you consider replacement. Companies that steam clean carpet and furniture often steam clean grout as an additional service. Nothing will make it look new, but this process can remove a lot of built of residue and make your grout look much better. Then, once dry, seal it with a good sealant and repeat per the instructions.